February 2009: The Perfect Month

Just a little note for those who didn’t notice: we won’t be seeing another month like this month of this year for quite a long time again — one that starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday, comprising exactly four weeks.

Thankfully, someone already thought to ask my question before I did (although some of the people answering didn’t read the entire question). This one appears to be the most sound:

The last time this happened was 2004. It doesn’t happen every “so many years”. If it’s leap year obviously there cannot be a perfect 28 day month even if the first day is a Sunday.

Non- leap years push the dates one day ahead the following year. For example, if Jan 31 1 fell on a Friday this year, next year it would fall on a Saturday (perfect Feb 1 on a Sunday!). If this were to happen on a leap year however, next year Jan 31 would fall on a Sunday causing the perfect Feb not to happen.

So, a perfect 28 day February beginning on a Sunday and ending on a Saturday (exactly four perfect weeks) happens every six years until Jan 31 falls on a Saturday on a leap year; then we wait 5 more years.

There is either 6 or 11 years between. There is a random pattern of 6’s and 11’s. The long stretch is caused by Jan 31 falling on a Saturday in a leap year sending Feb 1 to start on Monday the next year as opposed to a Sunday if it were a non-leap year. So then we had to wait for the cycle to run through all days of the week again and until Jan 31 fell on a Saturday in a non-leap year.

Perfect February’s since 1970, next was 81, 87, 98, 09. Next one is due in 2015.

Solution for Poor-Parking Holiday Shopper Annoyances

There’s a low-tac bumpersticker you can plaster on the back end of someone whose parking overtly lacks the spatial awareness of most preteens. They’re pretty cheap, to the point and easily removable so you don’t ruin paint jobs in the process. Around $0.50 each or less (cheaper in larger quantities), keep a bundle in your glove compartment for just the right moment.

UWash Students Develop Video Technique

Some enterprising students at University of Washington have devised a video-modifying technique that enhances video footage — by introducing high-resolution photographs of the scene. You’ve heard of the “photoshopped!”.. be prepared to hear the remark, “spacetime fusioned!” ..well, maybe something more catchy should be used.

Using Photographs to Enhance Videos of a Static Scene

The link offers a video demonstration of the technique in practice. The technique/software can even be used to edit out something that obstructs the view, like a pole, by using intuitive guessing and contextual image information to render what should be behind the pole when it is removed. It can also be used to modify the video to make color pictures (sitting on a table in a frame) into b/w, or change the frame itself to a new design, even add or remove reflections in the frame’s pane. Freaky!

Instant Rimshot Delivers as Implied

Ever at work or talking with housemates and just need a good instant rimshot? Now all you have to do is just type in InstantRimshot.com and you’ve got one at your disposal. Press the big red button, and voila! heh

Are there any other sites like this, that have no other function but one simple thing — and don’t even tell you what it is, except just by figuring it out? Weird.

MP3 of “Mosquito” 17kHz tone, inaudible to adults

In the news some time ago, ran a story regarding so-called anti-teenager devices that broadcasted an unceasing tone at a frequency audible only to people generally around 25-30 or younger. If such a tone were to be sounded in a classroom, for instance, the teacher would not realize it but the students would become agitated by the disturbance. For more info, see articles from Jpost.com and TheAge.com.

Instructables’ recent article about how to craft such a tone-emitting device re-stirred my interest in it, so I began a search for perhaps some software that could generate it or an MP3 of the pitch so I could try it out.

Turns out the Internet Archive has a page hosting it found in FLAC and WAV.

I played the tone myself, starting with the volume completely silent and slowly turning it up. For some reason, I can hear a particular faint tone at one specific spanse of volume, but not the others, neither being the softest or the loudest. It’s not really at all irritating; but then again, I can tolerate incessant intermittent low-battery beeps on a smoke detector for days without being irritated by it.

Can any of you hear it? You, that is, being someone out of the 3800 regular visitors I’ve gotten in the past week. Yikes!

Artist List by Appearance for “Welcome to Beijing” Music Video

It took a bit of doing, but I finally managed to hammer out what I *think* is a complete list of all of the musicians/singers that appear, in order, in the “Welcome to Beijing” music video that was presented as a 100-day countdown theme before the 2008 Olympics in China. I had originally seen the video on YouTube, and wanted to know three of the artists that I thought were cute. I posted the inquiry on MetaFilter, and sharkfu came to the rescue, posting a listing he found of another Chinese YouTuber’s transcription of the list. I modified the list for English speakers and included time references, visual descriptions of the artists themselves to ensure clarity, and posted the list as a text file on my Project300k backup server. Enjoy!

List of Artists (by appearance) from “Welcome to Beijing” Music Video

For your.. um.. Stadium Fixation?

I stumbled across an interesting site with a collection of images of sports stadiums across the globe, organized very keenly by seating size, as well as by country that you can click on a map to locate. It’s WorldStadiums.com and worth a peek at least.

Even more interesting was that they actually had listings for the good stadiums in my city (which is not especially big) although they didn’t have pictures for it. I wonder if they accept submissions..? Yep!