Fallout 3 Bobblehead “Walk-To” Guides

It is with great relief that I can finally make this entry! I’m finally pretty much done (except for a few commentary bits for later) making all 400+ annotations to my long-awaited Bobblehead locations guide. One of the biggest reason for having so many annotations (YouTube feature where you can enter text over the top of the video at timed moments and areas) is that at the end of each video, I provide a link to all 19 other Bobbleheads in my same series. I’ve also provided a link to the Fallout Wiki’s map locations for each area, found in the video description on the YouTube page itself. Enjoy!

Here’s all twenty, shown via Youtube playlist. Whew!

Removing the Spyware Detected Windows Warning Wallpaper Virus

If you’re looking for a way to remove a trojan/virus that keeps making your wallpaper change into the image of a windows warning message that states, “Warning! Spyware detected on your computer! Install antivirus or spyware remover to clean your computer,”…

…then try out this guide. It worked for me (and is not originally mine, but attributed to Ebomb from this message board, but I just fleshed it out with better step-by-steps), so give it a shot to see if it works for you. As always, you must acknowledge that fiddling with your settings and whatnot are your own responsibility — not mine. I’m just showing you how I got rid of my problem, so no guarantees for your success or demise either way ^_^ Read thru the whole guide first, before you do anything.

The virus appears, to my limited knowledge, to simply be a kind of prank virus that doesn’t actually cause any real malfunction. The blue-screen error that pops up after 20 minutes or so and possibly appears to make it reboot is actually just a screensaver, with an animation simulating the reboot. If you hit ENTER during the reboot or bluescreen, you’ll come back to the desktop just as you would with any screensaver.

One thing about this sucker is that it disables the “desktop” and “screensaver” tabs in the properties menu for the desktop so you can’t change them back quite so easily.

Here’s how to eliminate this buzzard, all without using antivirus software. My suspicion as to the reason antivirus programs don’t seem to pick this up is that it doesn’t really do any virus-like harm, it just does prankstery things such as changing the screensaver and turning off function to a few menus. I haven’t analyzed the code so I don’t actually know if it really does bad stuff, though either. But anyway.

1. Click on START in the bottom corner and select RUN, and type in regedit.

1a. Navigate the directory tree to this path: HKEY_CURRENT_USER, Software, Microsoft, Windows, CurrentVersion, Policies, System.

1b. Once you’re there, right-click on NoDispBackgroundPage and set the value to 0 (zero). Do the same for NoDispScrSavPage. This will let you see the wallpaper and screensaver tabs in display properties again.

Just close out the REGEDIT program and the changes will have taken effect, without having to reboot. Go to your display properties (right-click on a blank area of the desktop and select properties from the menu), and the Screensaver and Desktop tabs should now be back.

2. Go to the Screensaver tab in Display Properties and look for a screensaver with a gobbledegook name. The name will probably be different for each infection, but looks something along the lines of this one highlighted. Write this name down somewhere.

2a. Using Windows Explorer (not Internet Explorer), navigate to C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 and look for filename with the same name you wrote down in step 2, and delete it. This makes the blue screen stop showing up. It was a fake blue screen anyway.

2b. Now hit hold down the CTRL, ALT and DEL keys on the keyboard and if you’re given the option, select something to the effect of “active processes” and look for a similar gobbledegook program running (ends with .exe). Write down the name of this one, then click on it and END PROGRAM, and click YES on the warning about shutting a program down this weird way.

2c. Go back to Explorer and look for a filename just like the one you wrote down in step 2b. You’ve now deleted the main virus.

2d. Go back and re-open REGEDIT and do a search (CTRL-F) for the name you wrote down in 2b, and delete the entry that points to it. This deletes the command to run the virus.

3. Go back to Display Properties and open the Desktop tab, and scroll down to see a similar (if not duplicate) gobbledegook name — this is the file that makes the background look like a warning window. Write this name down (if it’s not a duplicate), and go back to Explorer and delete this file also. That’ll prevent the background from changing to that warning again.

4. Empty your Recycle Bin, and you should now be set!

…Let me know if this helped you out — however, please do not ask me more questions about it. I’m no expert in the field, and the guide (invented by the guy listed at the top of the article) is simply a method that worked for me. Good luck!

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Tutorial — Finding Fin Gleam

There’s a handy little piece of armor you can swim underwater to get and it’s right out in plain sight. It lets you see in the dark, detect creatures as they approach without having to see them directly, and allows you to breathe underwater. It’s the “Fin Gleam” helment, and this video I made shows you how to get it, from any point in the game. Works on all systems, on all versions of ES4 (both with and without patches/upgrades)..


Yet another game in the popular “a yeti bats a penguin” or “a monkey kicks a ball” distance-achieving style. This one is in the style of an anime girl hitting a bystander with her bicycle, turning him into a whirling clump that bounces down the sidewalk, hitting various people along the way that give you speed boosts, modify your angle, slow you down, or stop you cold.

You click down once to select an angle, then let off the button to select the speed. The angle and speed don’t matter as much as luck, especially when if/when you hit a “special” person along the way through your various bouncings — you’ve only got a milisecond window to click the screen to enable a super combo move, and there’s also some kind of teleporting person who can assist you that I discovered accidentally, which is how I got this insane score. I like this game.

It’s NANACA CRASH, and try to beat my score of..

Take that!!


I’ve figured out some strategy, and I’ll share =DD The score below took me an hour to finally understand why, but I figured out that you get three additional mid-air boosts that you can use (since the instructions are in Japanese or whatever). If you find your man flailing around at a super-fast speed due to either multiple boost girls in a row, or by some lucky-awesome boost bonus, try to use all three of your mid-air boosts after the guy has come back down from off the screen but before he hits the ground, so that you fly back up into the air and at a faster speed. You can use all three mid-air boosts I think they call them arials (shown by red crosses at the left side) and you can get up to near lightning speeds. And if you get lucky, you can get hit by a combo-bonus girl while you’re already going insanely fast. That’s pretty much how I managed to get…

Game Strategy: Filler, by SimianLogic

I have just found a fairly addictive time-waster flash game called “filler”, similar to the classic Jezz-ball, wherein there are little balls bouncing around the rectangular play area and you must section off a percentage of the playing field whilst trapping the bouncing balls into a division so you can fill the rest. In the classic Jezz-ball scenario, your cursor swaps between vertical and horizontal directions, firing a line than connects to solid parts of the field (timed so as to not collide with a ball while yet unconnected) in order to block off areas in which a ball is not present. However, a spin on the Jezz-ball concept involves creating your own lazily weighted balls of large sizes (growing as you hold the button down longer) but that cannot collide with a bouncing ball for fear of losing a life. I got up to around level 15 before I developed the strategy below. So far my high score has been around 78,000 on level 34 — after playing 3 games. I realize the high scores are in the neighborhood of 2 million, but I must suspect some degree of either cheating or absence of other things to do ;D Since we’re dealing with two types of balls, I’ll call the ones we make Expanders, and the ones we must avoid, Bouncers. Anyhow, my strategy is as follows:

1. Position the cursor in the uppermost left corner, and press the cursor and hold until the size of the Expander is within millimeters from an approching Bouncer. Immediately release the cusror (or mouse button) and let the Expander fall.
2. As the Expander falls, it will push any Bouncers underneath it away. Use this vacuum as an opportunity to create another Expander, so that the path created by the falling Expander is new Boucer-less space to utilize. This way, you only have to bother with monitoring the right side angles since the top is a border, the left is a border, and the bottom is your falling Expander.

If build-up gets to the point that the Expanders are no longer falling, try either moving to the opposite corner, or (by staying in the same corner) move the cursor closer toward the point of the corner but still within the field, and create a tiny ball. There seems to be a minumum diameter Expander from which expansion begins — but even if there is no room for one (whereby expansion ends) one can still be created from the top that pushes whatever is in the corner outward. An accumulation of smaller Expanders will likely have enough weight to force a larger one downward or toward the center.

Don’t give too much thought about how many Expanders you’re making unless they’re all the minmum diameter, because those should be saved as a last resort, generally. Even at level 20, you can still make relatively giant Expanders by using the two steps above. I hope to soon post a video or two of what I mean.

Feel free to contribute other or better strategies in the comments! Thanks!

Directory Harvesting #1: TV Themes

While foraging the web for interesting stuff, I came across an article on Gizmodo about using Google to hunt up mp3s instead of using the ever-wary P2P method. If you use the following search terms: -inurl:(htm|html|php) intitle:”index of” +”last modified” +”parent directory” +description +size +(wma|mp3) and include a quoted bit in there about a specific artist or specific album, you might be able to find it. However, I opted simply for an unspecified search and have found a few treasure troves.

The first directory I’ve selected has a few American television theme songs, and it’s found here =)

Free 48-hour Xbox Live Trials (for 360 only)

1. Visit the link below. It’s just a regular link, I don’t get any kickbacks from it.

2. Sign up for the promotion with a fake email address (you’ll never need to go check it, so 451343566@wrthrwthwhw.org or whatever is fine) and enter in a bunch of random details, but make sure the birth year is at least 1988 or lower.

3. When you get to the enter-your-code screen, hit “I don’t have a code” and write down the code it gives you, and go back again.

4. Enter in the code it gave you, and the special security image code below it.

5. You probably won’t win, but you’ll get a free 48-hour Xbox live membership trial as a consolation prize, which is just a long code.

6. On the 360, sign out of anything you’re in and go to the Xbox Live screen and sign up, filling all the details as necessary. When you get to the payment screen, enter the coupon or promotional code that you “won” in step 5.

7. Done!

The link: http://www.keepingittwisted.com/xbox_promo_landing.aspx

It only works for 360, not the original Xbox.