Timewaster Flash Game: Left 4k Dead

Inspired by the recent major-console game, Left 4 Dead, a programmer for King.com posted a very tiny (4k of code in Java) version of his own. You use the WASD as if they were arrow keys, R to reload, and the mouse to look and right-mouse to shoot. It’s an overhead walk-around, and it’s decent as far as eensy munchkin games go ^_^ I got 72 points before my first death.

Left 4k Dead

List of Re-Used Props in Star Trek and Hello!Project

How could I possibly incorporate Hello!Project and Star Trek in one post?

A friend of mine posted an image of her sitting in a magnetoencephalogram (MEG) scanner, for brain waves, whilst on a tour of various facilities for her special education degree, and the large array reminded me of the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode where Lt.Barclay became atypically intelligent and interfaced with the ship’s computer in the Holodeck.

While looking up a picture of the interface as a cross-reference, I came across a site (where I found the image) of a list of props that have been re-used between Star Trek episodes:

Ex Astris Scientia: Re-Used Props – Miscellaneous Equipment

It shows how various props are used as different items (such as using a prop previously used for a bomb re-employed as a cargo container in a later episode).. takes a pretty good eye to catch all those!

Similarly, I had recalled seeing a nifty gallery of a background prop that has been used in multiple Hello!Project videos and photoshoots and never realized it:

Hello-Online.com thread

Timewaster: Fantastic Contraption

This is another physics game like the last one, except this one doesn’t have quite so many flaws! The graphics are soft and corny, there’s actually a decent degree of predictable physics, and you get to build stuff no less! Most of my Fantastic Contraptions consisted of tank-like things, but experiment. I managed to get all on the first page of levels (you can pick which one you want to do at will, no order per se.. and you can save your progress, too!) except for #10. I just couldn’t figure out how to get over that hill in the middle. Ideas?

The title sounds like a twist-of-words on the old DOS-based classic, The Incredible Machine, to me. Be sure to do the How To Play section. I guessed I didn’t need instructions, but they sure helped after I got lost so quickly =P

The music reminds me of the end titles for the Series of Unfortunate Events movie (click the little play button about mid-page here for a sample of that song)..