Extensive Thoughts and Theories on Blade Runner 2049 Trailer

There’s a new trailer for Bladerunner 2049. These are my theories and breakdown of the trailer.

To understand most of what I’m about to say, you will need to have seen the original Bladerunner, but specifically the Director’s Cut version.

I think after a few viewings of this that it is super obvious that K is a replicant, or at least not human. The “special” line might be that he’s a unique replicant with abilities atypical of a normal one, and that the last page not being there could be that his life up until then had already been written as programming, but was unfinished in some way. Or, the third kind mentioned below.

I think this film might be confirmation that the original Deckard/Ford is not actually a replicant, which I believed the original film hinted at in the Director’s Cut. However, if Deckard were one, he presumably wouldn’t have aged, so must have either had a skin replacement procedure to look older for some reason (in addition to extending his 4-year life somehow).

I assumed that the guy who says “happy birthday” is a replicant with unusual eyes (possible reference to the cruel blinding of the inventor in the original) is not actually blind, but maybe like a kind of jeweler’s eyeglass, ideal for seeing fine details. Plus, he’s got a light on his neck. I suspected he was a rogue savant replicant of some kind, producing his own replicants offsite, apart from the main producer from the original, perhaps to either infiltrate/body-double/double-agent the regular ones, or to make special custom ones with way better abilities than the regular ones who can perform unique functions. I would not be surprised if Agent K/Gosling is one of these.

He seems to send his hench-lady to go retrieve something, and appears successful by this shot if Decker/Ford is the something. If maybe Deckard/Ford is one of the special units and not actually the real Deckard, that might make better sense.

However, it looks like Agent K/Gosling is able to intervene at some point, judging by his approach to this car, which shows hench-lady and possibly Deckard/Ford’s foot. However, K is washed away by something like a wave of water.

If Deckard/Ford was trying to hide, by the sense I get from his contention with K/Gosling’s entry, I’m curious about why he didn’t just get a completely new image instead of maintaining the old one. Perhaps he’s an imposter or duplicate of the original Deckard, or a holographic projection of an algorithmically-aged Deckard to maintain the ruse that he’s actually human by having aged.

He’s clearly still carrying the same-looking gun he would have used, though, even if he is an imposter somehow.

If he’s the original Deckard, and is a replicant who figured out how to extend a replicant’s life, perhaps that’s what special-eyes wants hench-lady to bring him, as a “key to the future,” to be able to extend the lives of his creations.

A split-second shot of green foliage at about 01:49 just after the digital “Joi” billboard, could be a pretty huge clue, which might be more familiar to Star Trek nerds as the concept of a holodeck, which could be a room where you can simulate environments and interact with holographic-but-still-touchable people and objects.

In Star Trek Voyager was introduced a concept of a holographic person that could exist outside of the simulated environment by use of a portable transmitter. That might also be the “key to the future” that special-eyes wants.

If a holodeck is really a thing, then the metaphorical door is blown way open on a Thirteenth Floor or eXistenZ situation where we’re not sure whether we’re still in the simulation, or if there is a simulation-within-a-simulation, which Trek fans may be more familiar with from Ship in a Bottle episode from TNG.

I really hope this huge holo-person is a character, maybe like a hero’s-journey oracle, or at least an interviewed source that offers a new direction on a lead.

I have a hunch that there may be multiples of the love-interest girl, who might be the same as Joi in the billboard, for double-agent possibilities or not-knowing-it-was-actually-her-twin situations on K’s part, since that could be an obvious weakness on his part, ripe to be exploited or a faking a sense of betrayal as a diversion, etc.

The uniformed lady official who is explaining about the wall concept of society, has me wondering if it could be that the humans are the ones outlawed now, or that there is some other third additional concept that is now the enemy, whereas replicants are fairly accepted now by humans, being basically a human generation later — such as holographic people. The holographic ballerina at the beginning might have been a clue toward that.

The extremely dusty/sandy area shots, of the exterior of the building Ford/Deckard is holed up in, is presumably Las Vegas or some kind of casino area. The non-English characters on the building’s front are Korean, and mean either “Luck” or “Good Fortune” if my sources hold up. The central circular shape between them gives me “what are you doing Dave” HAL-9000 vibes, especially with the little partial-arc in the north-east quadrant looking like a lens glare.

The rug on the floor of the building-entry shot looks like it says “VINTAGE CASINO” which would be weird for a casino to call itself a vintage casino, unless it was created after casinos had been long gone already, so that the building itself could be a kind of ..replication.. and therefore make an ideal hideout for replicants or those friendly thereto.

The hidden casino concept would tie in with the dark (underground?) secret entertainment establishment where we see the Vegas showgirls (holograms?) performing to no audience later on for a split second. Maybe it could be like be a secret hideout for holographics to go, similar to an underground railroad checkpoint for them, or similar to a place like the bar from Constantine where you had to prove your abilities to the bouncer.

Some suspect this could be a date of June 10, 2021. However, some countries use a day-month-year pattern instead of the American month-day-year pattern for all-numeral dates, so the date-looking scrawling might be October 6, 2021. That would correspond to the release date of the film, which is October 6, 2017. That is also significant, because the difference in those 2 dates is 4 years, which is the lifespan of a replicant from the original film. Also notice what appears to be fingers reaching up out of the dirt, for some reason.

I’m not sure why this dead tree appears to be kept aright by support wires, or whether the soil there would even be strong enough to keep stakes to support such a tree. The atmosphere seems to correspond with the image where K/Gosling is looking at something in his hand. Maybe he destroyed something he found so that no one could get it. He’s walking away from the fire maybe as if he set it, rather than being startled from an explosion.

The letters on this license plate look vaguely Hebrew to me. A friend who knows Hebrew says ((answer when he gives me one))..

Some have suggested that the guy who busts thru the wall is K/Gosling, but since Deckard/Ford says, “They know you’re here,” I suspect it isn’t. In this scene, the person who falls down doesn’t look like Deckard/Ford, and the gun firer looks confident that the falling person is dealt with. I think K/Gosling would treat Deckard/Ford with a bit more tenderness than just letting him fall like that, and probably isn’t pursuing Deckard/Ford. The wall-buster might be another henchman of special-eyes.

I will continue to update with additional theories and suspicions as I study it a bit more =)

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