Eugenia Cooney: Does She Need Help? No. She Has Enough Help.

I am a fan of Eugenia Cooney, and I don’t think she needs any advice to seek medical treatment — she has no shortage of it; why add more?

Everyone and their cousin, who got their medical degrees from a crackerjack box, have advised Eugenia to seek medical treatment for everything under the sun, usually anorexia. Every instagram post she makes nowadays is often loaded down with “eat a hamburger” or “get treatment” kinds of advice.

She has plenty of people, who have a license to practice instagram medicine, telling her she needs help. What she does not need, for certain, is another such person to chime in with such advice.

At this point, as best as can be told, she’s fine. She states repeatedly on YouNow that she’s fine, and as far as I’m concerned, she fine. In fact, here is a ten-minute audio supercut I made of one of her YouNow broadcasts, in which she answers questions concerning her health. If you don’t think she’s fine, what are you going to do? Oh surely, she’ll listen to you. Because it’s your advice everyone’s been waiting on. How many people does it take, repeating the same tired, unoriginal, mantra to seek help, before someone seeks it — when there is not even a problem?

Here’s the breakdown of my position:
1. If there’s something really wrong, she doesn’t owe it to us to tell us, because your own health is your business and nobody else’s. There’s a reason medical records are sealed documents that require signature authorization to access — it’s private. If she wants to keep anything private, she’s not covering it up, because it’s supposed to be covered up. It’s none of our business. The uncovering of it is what is not supposed to happen — by law!

2. To say that she needs help, to me, is to assume that she does not have an untreatable condition. On the off-chance that she may have a terminal illness for which there is no help, and for which her appearance is normal within that context, reminding her to seek help could actually continually remind her of the help she could not actually get. If it’s genetic, then there’s not really much that could be done.

Take for example another YouTuber named Lizzie Velasquez, who is a motivational speaker and anti-bullying activist who has had to defend herself for much of her life about her condition — a condition which inhibits accumulation of body mass.

Take for another example, blogger Veronna, who writes in per post, Skinny Like Eugenia Cooney, in which she describes her own condition of an inability to gain and looks anorexic but isn’t due to medical issues, which she describes.

For all we know, Eugenia may have something similar, or some other terminal condition for which there is no known treatment, and she could be living out her days pursuing her dream of being a YouTube star.. but those telling her to get help are getting lost in the mix of haters telling her to go eat a hamburger. Again, whether she wishes to tell us about any health condition, is up to her, but so far, she insists she’s fine, and that’s good enough for me. If there even is something, whatever. If there’s not something, whatever.

3. Calling her beautiful does not reinforce an eating disorder (if there even is one), because (a) she’s an adult and not some kid who doesn’t know any better, and (b) the words of the speaker mean what the speaker means. To say that calling her beautiful is harmful, is taking the side of the creeps who says the way a woman must surely be advertising the oldest profession by the way a woman dresses. Whether a woman wears a certain kind of shirt because she wants to show off her assets, or because it’s hot outside, is her interpretation alone to make. If you shout NO to an assailant, is the assailant allowed to interpret it how they wish? If no means no, then my “beautiful” is not harmful.

4. She does see doctors. Just before her trip to LA from the northeast, she had an injury to a finger and it was in a splint for a few videos. She goes to doctors. She does seek treatment for things. You know good and well that any doctor worth the TP their degree is printed on would have brought it up. Doctors take into context all kinds of bodily issues that could affect one small injury, and address those things in the treatment of the one thing you’re there to see them for. And if any those doctors fail her, surely she can turn to the teeming swarms of iPhone warriors ready to dish out a diagnosis. Maybe the reason she’s even in LA is because there is a specialist there.

Regardless of her reasoning, Eugenia owes it to zero persons to explain anything about her health. I’m a fan. If she suddenly swells up like Marjorie Dursley from Harry Potter and floats up into the sky, I’m still a fan. It’s who she is, how she handles adversity, her general spirit and approach to life that I find beautiful, and that’s what I mean by it. If she tells us later on that she did have an ED, then my words still mean the same thing. But as far as I’m concerned, if she says she’s fine, then that’s all we can do to help, and we can only accept her as being fine until she chooses to reveal to us otherwise. Eugenia Cooney has no shortage of advice about seeking treatment. We do not need to “help” by adding more voices to it. SHE KNOWS YOU WANT HER TO GET HELP.


58 thoughts on “Eugenia Cooney: Does She Need Help? No. She Has Enough Help.

  1. She is anorexic. And the problem is she wont talk about it. If she had an illnes, she would talk about it. Look at the TED video you posted. Its like comparing apples and oranges. Eugenia is beautifull, but very sick. As a fan, you should be concerned.

    • One can be just as concerned as the self-appointed medic, without being a jerk. Back off. She knows the populace is concerned — she doesn’t have to tell you or your buddies who get their medical degrees from a program Sally Struthers spoke about. If you think she hasn’t been reached yet, then you’re not even paying attention.

  2. I enjoyed your post. I fear that these people are bullying and disguising it as “helping”. I’m not sure why we Americans have this mentality that we must go in and save the day. She is not a hostage being starved. While it is sad for people that have eating disorders, it has been proven that you cannot force that person to seek help of change. They must take the steps to seek help. Many families have had their sons or daughters admitted to hospitals and rehabs, they get feeding tubes inserted and gain weight, but once released the cycle starts again. All anyone can do is have hope for her that for whatever reason she is so thin, she will seek help for herself. We do not need to ban her as some sort of wake up call. I fear that can only be more damaging to her.

  3. Yeah, she’s a free person to do what she wants and no one is entitled to get a response from her, but sadly since she doesn’t say she a has a condition or medical issue, and says she’s “naturally skinny”, she has encouraged tons of young girls to starve themselves to look like her. I know that is not her intention and she is a nice girl, but being a public role model on YouTube isn’t safe for the young and impressionable. She doesn’t have to do what any one says, she is a free woman, but she isn’t fit to be a role model anymore. She needs to find a new job where she doesn’t have an influence on such a wide scale. It’s not what any of her fans want, but if you care about the youth that is watching her, you’d understand that YouTube isn’t the place for her.

    • @Nikolai – She has encouraged zero young girls to look like her. She has actually discouraged people from seeking to look like someone else. You can’t possibly argue that her message is the opposite of her actual message. The fault of people who wrongly interpret a source is the people, not the source.

      • You’re so dumb if you really believe that. I wouldn’t be surprised if you were Eugenia.

  4. Please don’t write!

    A. You did minimal research and got many facts wrong. Poor research on Eugenia. Poor research on doctors. Poor research on eating disorders.

    B. You express your opinions as facts.

    C. Your education system failed you.

    D. Complimenting the physical appearance of someone who has an eating disorder does encourage the disorder. Even telling them they look sicky and too thin is considered a compliment.

    This girl clearly has something wrong with her and clearly is either not seeing a doctor or refusing to go to specialists that a general practitioner would refer her to. Even if she didn’t have an eating disorder but some other illness, her weight is not healthy and a doctor would have in her for testing a couple times a week at her current BMI.

    While I agree that the constant harassment and bullying is not helping her it’s still stupid to completely deny that she has a problem. That’s what is getting her slack to begin with and idiots like you enable her by saying nothing is wrong with her.

    You’re obviously an overly obsessed fan so you’re in your early teens which explains your inability to write an article like a real writer but rather like a junior high news column about how bad the tater tots are in the lunch room.

    Also, your rude come backs when someone posts legitimate criticism is even more reason to view this as a joke.

    • UrA – I can’t tell who you’re replying to.. I am not denying that a problem could exist, if you’re replying to me (you replied to someone else’s comment). The article clearly states that several problems could exist, but that it is simply none of our business.

      • Don’t make yourself a public figure if it’s “none of anyone’s business”. Seriously, this was a very poorly-written ‘opinion piece’. If you want to be taken seriously make some valid points.

    • Yes! You said it right! She has to be sectioned by her family or sign her self in to get help. I cannot see that happening with her shit arse family.

  5. Great article. I agree completely with you. I am actually a 25 year old who weighs 78lbs and have no disorder or medical reason for being so thin. I have been underweight my whole life, and seeing people react like this encouraged me to share some of myself with the internet through a blog in hopes of helping people realize everyone is built differently, and some body types are rarer than others. I do have other issues unrelated to weight that are actually untreatable, and if people were harassing me about them like they are to Eugenia, it would most certainly be more harmful than helpful to me.
    Be respectful and spread kindess everyone. 🙂
    Link to my blog:

    • Thanks so much for both the response and the superb blog entries you’ve made about it so far — ! I’ll do a feature on my Eugenia fan-instagram account (@eugeniasjacks) of your article directing people to it, so your story can be shared also :-3

    • I bet you look fucking disgusting. I’d kill myself if I was that skinny. And yes you do have a disorder you’re mentally retarded.

  6. You are batshit crazy if you believe she is fine and you are now one of the many thousands of people who are actively encouraging her to die just by the very fact that you agree she is “fine”

  7. What a stupid statement. Eugenia could have a medical condition and she could talk about it, if that’s the case. If you don’t want people thinking you’re anorexic then talk about your medical condition. Her blatant denial makes it obvious to everyone that she’s in severe denial. You can easily see her significant weight loss over time. She was always slim, but she used to be quite a bit more filled out, her face was much fuller and she looked much more normal. Now she’s visibly emaciated. People who have anorexia are in sharp denial about their appearance and deny, deny deny. That’s why it’s so obvious this is NOT natural nor a medical condition, she has an eating disorder. Her mom has even stated that she refuses to eat. Your stupidity in publishing this article is harmful to both her and her followers. People admire and emulate women who starve themselves., Would you also defend her if she was cutting herself? Because girls glamourize this destructive behavior too. Stupid stupid stupid.

  8. You’re a “fan” of what? An emaciated woman, who denies she has an issue, who posts endless selfies and models little-girl fashions? It’s the saddest thing I’ve ever seen. Eugenia seems incredibly isolated with only her “fans” on social media to feed her obsession with being thin and getting attention for it. Someone once asked her “what do you see yourself doing in 5 years” and she could only offer the most banal and vague answers, shrugging like a little girl would, saying nothing. She has no goals. She has no future. She’s visibly sick and in denial. And “fans” like you feed into it. It’s sickness. And you are sad for promoting it.

  9. “She goes to doctors, she seeks treatment for things”. Wow, really?. So Eugenia went to a doctor for problem with her finger. Wow, that must mean she’s actively seeking treatement for her issue? WRONG.

    An doctor treating a finger may have ten minutes to see a patient. They’re treating a FINGER, not diagnosing an eating disorder. Eating disordered people are also very good at bundling up to hide their bony figures. A doctor MAY mention a low BMI to a patient if they’re concerned but they are unlikely to spend time diagnosing an eating disorder if they are not a specialist and if the patient is unwilling to discuss it.

    Your argument is ridiculous.

    • The point is that she *does* seek medical advice for things that are wrong. There is *precedent* that she already seeks medical attention for things. Odds are she’s already seen someone about it, or having gotten actual medical advice to seek treatment, from someone who didn’t get their medical degree from tumblr.

      • Who cares if she seeks medical attention. We are talking about seeking medical attention for the ED. Doctor will not always diagnose that issue. If they do notice it they can only help the patient if they want the help and Eugenia does not because the attention she gets from it. Which is why people should unsub and stop talking about her.

  10. Eugenia Cooney is very, very emaciated. To say there is nothing wrong with her is lying.

  11. I just modded several naysayer comments to ‘pending’ instead of ‘approved’ (but did not delete them, but still so they won’t show up to the public). If you’re coming down here to post that “saying she’s fine is bull—-” then you’re not actually reading what I wrote. You’re reading what you want to read, not my actual arguments.

  12. (this comment was manually re-seated from a higher position, but is not edited otherwise)

    In this situation it shouldn’t be a question of “odds are”, the girl looks like she’s dying. Her body type is not natural, being underweight is not a good thing. You can’t write it off as something as simple as “body type”. Eugenia completely disregards everyone who mentions her condition, and it’s a shame that even you, someone who claims to be a fan, can’t see that there’s a problem here. Also, just because she seeks treatment for other things wrong with her doesn’t mean she’s getting treatment for anorexia or anything else because someone with anorexia, newsflash, doesn’t think that they have anorexia. That’s how eating disorders work and have always worked. When you go to the doctor, even if they do consult you and tell you that you have an eating disorder doesn’t mean you’ll just accept it. Not to mention that when you go to the doctor for something, unless it happens to be a checkup, they aren’t going to fix anything that you don’t bring up to them. None of us need to have a medical degree, as that seems to be your bail out when someone disagrees with you, to tell that there is something wrong when you can see the impression of someone’s bones under their skin. Do you have a medical degree? If not, then how do you know she’s okay? In the case you say that you once again assume that she’s already seeking treatment, then how come her condition that she most definitely has, hasn’t improved from what everyone can see?

    • You’re clearly skimming to confirm your own bias, without reading the actual article.

      >Her body type is not natural, being underweight is not a good thing.
      It is entirely possible and plausible that her body type is natural, /to her/ specifically. Being underweight has its problems, but so does being tall. You don’t tell someone who is tall to seek treatment, because that’s not something they’ve chosen. **IF** Eugenia has a condition that is untreatable, there’s no point in demanding she seek treatment for it. **IF Eugenia does have a treatable condition, it is up to her to seek treatment, and the onus is not upon us to demand it.

      >Eugenia completely disregards everyone who mentions her condition, and it’s a shame that even you, someone who claims to be a fan, can’t see that there’s a problem here.
      As someone who has a brain, you /must/ realize that there could be a /reason/ she disregards everyone who mentions it (a) she’s in denial, or (b) there actually isn’t one. It is not up to us to diagnose her, nor can be blame be placed on any given viewer for failure to ensure she seeks treatment. In the same way that it is your own liberty to shout from the rooftops that she needs treatment, likewise it is her own liberty, to remain silent on it — It. Is. None. Of. Our. Business.

      >Do you have a medical degree? If not, then how do you know she’s okay?
      Because of her word, and **our inability to know otherwise** based on sight. If she’s not okay, then it’s STILL none of our business, and up to her to seek treatment, assuming it is even treatable.

      > In the case you say that you once again assume that she’s already seeking treatment, then how come her condition that she most definitely has, hasn’t improved from what everyone can see?
      Because very many conditions are *untreatable* and *do not improve*. I refer you to the blogger you evidently skipped over, named Veronna. I have edited the article above to now include highlighted a quoted portion of her post about her own figure similar to Eugenia’s, for those who can’t, for some reason, be bothered to click a link to read about it themselves. You clearly dismiss the video above that, about a woman with an *untreatable* condition, who has built an empire of public speaking about being bullied for her looks.

      • Did you seriously just fucking compare being tall to being underweight oh my GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD you need to kill yourself lmao

      • No she clearly states she hasn’t been diagnosed with having anything medically wrong regards to her weight, just mentioning scoliosis. She obvs just doesn’t eat that much, no matter what she says no one is that naturally skinny.

  13. I think the problem here lies with the way people who bully and harrass her because she is underweight.

    Being worried and asking is, in my opinion, a good thing, compared to “minding our own business”, which may lead the society to be ignorant and lacking empathy. Yes, it never feels good to be asked over and over again about the same thing, or getting your content overshadowed by your physical appearance. However that is due to the fact that she is indeed look very underweight which is not so normal. Now I am not saying that being not normal is bad, it just leads people to be more curious, and even worried especially if the abnormality may /seem/ to threaten that other people’s life. Especially if it seems like a mental illness which often leads to denial and often hard to cured. So I think everyone has the right to ask and even offer support and advice needed, as long as they are being civil when doing so. Because people with mental illness will often push people away when offered help, and deny that they have problem, so how can we be sure if she is not one?

    Whether she is anorexic or not cannot be concluded just from her looks or her answers towards the question. I am sorry if I get any of your point wrong. I just don’t really like how “giving people their own liberty” means not caring them with all your might, as many people who are sick would often refuse to be given treatment. This is just my view though. Of course when you are not close, there are some certain boundaries that must be kept while “caring” after them.

  14. *”If she says she’s fine, she is fine” Ah yes, I’ve told people that I was fine while about to attempt suicide. “I’m fine” is never the truth.

    *Saying she needs help is telling the truth. I don’t give a damn if it is treatable or not, doctors can at the very least prevent her from losing any more weight.

    *When someone’s mind floods with “skinny. skinny. skinny.” and you call them beautiful, that justifies them starving themselves, which will only worsen their disorder. (Also, your comparison to ACTUAL RAPE is shit because one is sexual violence and the other is an eating disorder. No correlation.)

    *Seeing a doctor for an injury does not mean she goes to a doctor for her disorder. Making that assumption is plain dumb. It’s kind of like assuming I go to a dermatologist because I got surgery on my hip. There isn’t correlation there.

    Also, I’m pretty sure if people have a medical degree, they 1) know what the hell they’re saying and 2) did not get the degree from a crackerjack box.” I’m willing to bet you know little to nothing about psychology, mental disorders, etc. just judging by the way you are speaking of her.

    Also, citing medical experts with links and quotes to what they say instead of just pulling all of this out of your ass would be a smart idea.

  15. The fact that your defending her and think she is OK shoes that she should not be on YouTube pretending everything is fine. People don’t look like that. She is either sick with a serious diesease or has anorexia. Which is a diesease but I meant like cancer or something

  16. Anorexia is the case of Eugenia while Veronna has the inability to gain weight!
    As for Eugenia all I can see is she does not want to end up being overweight like her Mom and his brother…. Their family has issues… Thats the thing. People look up to her. She is beautiful and talented. But, she is selfish! She does not want to be helped…

  17. You want to know the problem?? These cracker Jack degrees you speak of? They aren’t all just random people. They are people that work in the health field as doctors and nurses, psychologists and more. Can there be genetic issues? A disease that at some point caused an issue? Absolutely. But this physical state is not normal, not natural, not from a disease, and she constantly dances around the topic unable to even spit the actual words out “eating disorder”. Those you’ve mentioned with conditions that speak out about it are doing just that! Speaking, spreading awareness, whatever. But Eugenia? This is not who she was nor how she looked, one, two, or four years ago. She has gradually lost weight to a point of being nothing but bones. Malnourished. And in denial. The worst part? These kids that regularly comment again and again that they’re thankful to her that she inspires them to starve themselves. Or those who already suffer from it and get triggered. Thousands! And what would a normal you tuber do? They’d understand their responsibility as a adult and the impact they have on other people’s minds and lives. She should’ve been screaming out as vocal as those you’ve mentioned above. She should be saying please kid don’t starve yourself. She should be saying to them that it’s very dangerous. She should be using this platform to inspire and help those who respond with positivity towards starving themselves. But what does she do to those thousands over the last 4-5 years? NOTHING. Nada. Zip. And you say it’s no one’s business? Well I’ll tell you what. When you can literally make ten and twelve year old girls comment that they want to be like her and say she’s inspired them to stop eating, it’s a fucking problem. Every damn video is her bouncing around the subject. And sadly that’s part of it. So every person like you enables her to continue anyone as though she’s got no problem. And you have the balls to criticize others for calling her out? It’s not to hate or to bash. It’s a reality. It’s a very serious issue. And having personally seen the start, symptoms, denial, and effects don’t you dare act like you know. When you don’t have proper nutrition your body slowly changes. Just because her makeup is good and she’s smiling saying she’s not dieing does not make her ok. What happens is slowly your organs shut down. You’re weak, faint, sick. And when she’s hospitalized one day because her fans and Mom didn’t fight harder you’ll regret this article exists. You’ll remember me and these words of warning. And since she is impacting the health and lives of so many, don’t you DARE say no one has a place to speak about it and demand some answers. A docs visit for a cut by the way means nothing. An actual physical and blood draw is what people need. A doctor (as you mentioned) remains confidential and will not willingly share something on video unless a patient agreement and release is signed about such specifics. This enrages me. You’ll realize one day. Hopefully it’s not too late for her and anyone she’s influenced by then.

  18. this is mean but damn, none of our business? Get the eff off social media then. Yes, it’s ok to starve myself and perhaps die …. How does this help our young generation? Please promote positivity and not anorexia.

    • It IS promoting positivity, and not promoting anorexia. It’s not ok to starve yourself, but you can’t just diagnose someone as starving themselves from looks alone. If you believe I am promoting anorexia, then you must be reading a different article, or just reading what you want to read.

  19. You fucking idiot. Lizzie Velasquez has Marfanoid–progeroid–lipodystrophy syndrome. In 2016 only 10 people where reported to have this syndrome and you have the fucking balls to put your uneducated medical opinion on this individual just to justify your support for her? Just by odds, SHE DOESN’T HAVE IT!!! And even IF you would be serious in your diagnosis, you SHOULD because of the odds motivate her to get herself tested for that syndrome in order to be ABSOLUTELY SURE that that is the right idea.

    • You’re the idiot. At no point did I claim Eugenia has Lizzi’s condition, nor is it is a diagnosis. Had you actually read the article I wrote, you would have realized that my point is actually the one you’re yelling at me — that medical degrees you pulled out of thin air can’t diagnose. Eugenia could have something just as rare, but she is not at all required to disclose the status of those results to us, and it isn’t our business to impose upon her to reveal it.

  20. You’re a dumbass…. Straight up dumbass. I agree that she doesn’t deserve bullying (Onision is a perfect example), but she needs to be told the truth. “Fans” like you make me cringe. Your ass kissing commenters make it even worse. A bunch of brain-dead “fans”. A real fan will point out the rights and wrongs of their celeb/youtuber. She’s anorexic and needs help. There’s nothing wrong with needing help. You sound like an immature middle schooler. You aren’t an adult, so don’t even try to act like you know so fucking much about psychology. Stay in school, because you really need that shit. Educate yourself. If you want to defend her from the bullies, then that’s fine. However, if she didn’t want people to point out her eating disorder, she should have never became famous. I believe, after watching NFKRZ’s video on her and Onision, she exploited her anorexia to get views. You sound so butthurt about the truth. The truth pisses you off. Deal with it.

    • You don’t need to be told the truth, though, that she already knows the message you thinks she needs to know? You think after 80 billion comments that think she’s anorexic, that she still needs to be told, that they haven’t gotten through somehow?

      • I work in the fitness industry. Nothing about the way this poor woman looks is normal-nothing. In fact, she’s a heart attack waiting to happen due to electrolyte imbalances. Any idiot can see that…all you need are eyes. I feel sorry for her and I hope she gets the treatment she needs. To the author of this garbage, we all know you’re pro-anorexia….cut your shit.

      • @Tina — Your response demonstrates that you did not actually read the article — I spoke zero whatsoever of her appearing “normal” or any possible interpretation of that.

  21. Hi!
    Althought I agree with you, I just wanted to give you my thoughts about something:
    You might be right about what Eugenia’s condition is, but I don’t think she is a case like Lizzie Velasquez’s condition. Those kind of illnesses show up early in life, normally when you start developing and become a teen. Eugenia looked “normal” when she started her “youtube life”. She looked healthy enough. Thats why I think she has another condition (eating disorder or not) thats making her get thinner and thinner. I really understand your point of view and thats non of our business. But I think thats hard to see a person just die in front of your eyes and do/say nothing about it, and thats why people give their advice most of the time. Compassion can be weird some times. I really hope you are right about Eugenia getting all the helps she needs (I think she does or at least she started at some point because of something I noticed in one of her pictures) and that her life, long or short, is at least a happy one. If she happens to have anorexia, its a hard condition but you can get better enough (you never totally beat an eating disorder. Its a fight for a lifetime) and have an almost normal life. If she has another illness, I hope she can find peace and live on. We can say for sire something is wrong with her, because its obvious, but we just cant judge a person without knowing all the facts possible and in this case we cant know them for sure, because its private(as you well said). People should dont forget about that fact, and only give Eugenia all the support they can plus send good vibes to her. Hope she beats whatever thats making her ill.

  22. Who ever wrote this is the most moronic and ignorant person. How can you sit and watch the person you look up to physically make themselves ill. Day by day she gets worse and worse. You sit there and say she has enough help. Everyone and there mother can see the color of her skin is changing. I guarantee you if she took of all her make up you could see bags under her eyes and her looking truly sick. This girl needs help. And her mother is an enabler. She needs medical attention.

  23. She’s an attention seeker. Point blank and everyone’s giving it to her. No wonder she has lost even more weight to when her videos started. She looks totally gross being that skinny. She is a pretty girl. She isn’t a nice person, if you believe that you’re mad. Even the way the moves her hair with her fingers is frustrating, and the way her voice changing pitch. What’s with the secrecy, she obvs has an eating disorder and because she gets so many comments on it she has decided not to say nothing. Even friends of hers have come out worries about her, surely they would know if she had any medical conditions. Just an attention seeker, we need to stop giving it to her! Unsub and all such things.

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