List of Short Poems from “Dear John And Hank” Podcast

I was looking for a particular poem (from ep.50) and couldn’t find an exhaustive list so I figured I’d make one myself, although to be honest I did glompf the first 29 from this tumblr post (and ‘sonetexas’ in the disqus comments is me).

Episode 01 : Langston Hughes – Quote/Poem
Episode 02: Ogden Nash – Everyone Tells Me Everything
Episode 03: Mary Oliver – I Go Down to the Shore
Episode 04: Walt Whitman – When I Heard the Learned Astronomer
Episode 05: Bernie Taupin – Tiny Dancer (Guest John: Maureen Johnson)
Episode 06: Bernie Taupin – Daniel (Guest John: Emma Blackery)
Episode 07: Bernie Taupin – Rocket Man (Guest John: Charlie & Jimmy)
Episode 08: Bernie Taupin – Levon (Guest John: Grace Helbig)
Episode 09: Bernie Taupin – Saturday Night’s Alright (Guest John: Felicia Day)
Episode 10: James Tate – Never Again the Same
Episode 11: AE Hausman – Here Dead We Lie
Episode 12: Emily Dickinson – Tell All the Truth, But Tell it Short
Episode 13: Margaret Atwood – You Fit into Me
Episode 14: William Wordsworth – The World is too Much With Us
Episode 15: William Carlos Williams – This is Just to Say
Episode 16: Kenneth Koch – Variation on a Theme by William Carlos Williams
Episode 17: George Bilgere – The Return of Odysseus
Episode 18: Raymond Carver – Grief
Episode 19: James Wright – Discoveries in Arizona
Episode 20: Philip Larkin – Home is so Sad
Episode 21: Seamus Heaney – The Skylight
Episode 22: EE Cummings – I Thank You God for Most This Amazing
Episode 23: John Keats – The Last Will and Testament of John Keats
Episode 24: Marianne Moore – Poetry
Episode 25: Dorothy Parker – Unfortunate Consequence
Episode 26: EE Cummings – O Sweet Spontaneous
Episode 27: George Herbert – Virtue
Episode 28: Emily Dickinson – 202
Episode 29: Wendy Cope – He Tells Here

Episode 30: Emily Dickinson – 314 Hope Is The Thing With Feathers
Episode 31: Sonia Sanchez – Black Magic
Episode 32: David Bowie – Eight Line Poem (lyrics)
Episode 33: Robert Burns – Epitaph on a Friend
Episode 34: WH Auden – Funeral Blues (Stop All The Clocks)
Episode 35: Claude McKay – If We Must Die
Episode 36: Mary Oliver – If You Are Holding This Book
Episode 37: Octavia Butler – quote from book “Parable of the Sower”
Episode 38: Nizar Qabbani – Light Is More Important Than The Lantern (Quote)
Episode 39: DH Lawrence – Tourists
Episode 40: Sara Teasdale – There Will Come Soft Rains
Episode 41: Richard Wright – Haiku 78
Episode 42: Richard Wright – Burning Out Its Time
Episode 43: Merle Haggard – Momma Tried (Lyrics of Chorus)
Episode 44: Frances Darwin Cornford – On Rupert Brooke
Episode 45: Emily Dickinson – 314 Hope Is The Thing With Feathers (again, yes)
Episode 46: Frances Darwin Cornford – The Guitarist Tunes Up
Episode 47: Emily Dickinson – There is No Frigate Like a Book
Episode 48: Anonymous Listener – The Daffodil Knows More of Spring
Episode 49: Langston Hughes – “Poem” (..I loved my friend..)
Episode 50: Elinor Wylie – Now Let No Charitable Hope
Episode 51: Richard Wright – You Moths Must Leave Now
Episode 52: Muhammad Ali – Float Like a Butterfly
Episode 53: Leon Muss – People Often Ask Me
Episode 54: Edna St. Vincent Millay – Not So Far as the Forest
Episode 55: Adam Zagajewski – Try To Praise The Mutilated World
Episode 56: none?
Episode 57: John Green – There Will Always Be Starburst
Episode 58: Flula – Sandwich
Episode 59: John Green / Hank Green (Rick Springfield + US Mint corrections)
Episode 60: Listener Andrew – Pokemon Go corrections
Episode 61: John Green – Six Light Minutes (Rover birthday correction)

Given that there will be undoubtedly more episodes, I will try to update it but if you know of any additional, please add in comments and I’ll amend =)


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