Names of all 50 US States if they Tried to Brexit: Kentuquit, Hawaiionara, etc

Considering the recent “exit” of the UK from the EU called the Brexit, I decided to come up with what each of the 50 US states might call their own respective departures if they tried to put it up for vote:

Monikers marked with a * are suggestions others have made =)

Alabama – Ala-bye-ma, Alablitza
Alaska – Alaskedaddle
Arizona – Arizoderchi
Arkansas – Arkansayonara
California – Caleavefornia
Colorado – Coloradieu*
Connecticut – Connexicut*
Delaware – Delaway
Florida – Floriddance, Floretirement
Georgia – G’byegia
Hawaii – Wawaiionara
Idaho – Idago*, Idios
Illinois – Illinothanks
Indiana – Indiaaaashaddap, India
Iowa – Iowanaplaythisgame
Kansas – Kantdothis
Kentucky – Kentuquit
Louisiana – Louisioutta
Maine – Vacaine, Hellocananyonehearmeisthisthingon
Maryland – Maryleft
Massachusetts – Scramachusetts
Michigan – Michigone
Minnesota – Minnesolong, Minneseeya
Mississippi – Mississeeya, Missiddippi, Missiskippi
Missouri – Missout
Montana – Practicallycanadalready, Montadios
Nebraska – Nabraskootch, Nebyeska
Nevada – Leavada
New Hampshire – New Scramshire
New Jersey – New Jegress
New Mexico – New Exitco
New York – Screw Yourk
North Carolina – North Scramonlina
North Dakota – North Dakota-ta*
Ohio – O-bye-o*, Aurevoiro
Oklahoma – Outlahoma
Oregon – Ore-gone*
Pennsylvania – Pennsylvacate
Rhode Island – Onthehorseyourodeisland, Rhode Is
South Carolina – South Scramolina
South Dakota – South Dakota-ta*
Tennessee – Tenesseeyawouldntwannabeeya
Texas – Texit, Tejajasuckers, Tejadios, Textme
Utah – Scootah
Vermont – Vamoont,
Virginia – Virginegress
Washington – Dashington
West Virginia – West Virginegrees
Wisconsin – Wis-gone-sin
Wyoming – Flyoming,

If you have any others to suggest, submit them in comments and I’ll add my favorites to the list =)

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