Are 800,000 Bikers Preparing to Confront 1 Million Muslims in DC? No. Here’s Why.

Popular today among the people who couldn’t figure out how to google if it were the only ransom required to save their own mother: “already over 800,000 bikers on the road to confront 1 million Muslims in Washington.”

Actually, the photo was taken by Tech. Sgt. Cherie Thurlby, USAF in 2005, as part of an event called Rolling Thunder (official site) that is repeated annually since 1998 to recognize fallen soldiers from Vietnam and missing soldiers from all conflicts. You can see it being used in this article and this article dating to 2005 and takes place in one of the the Pentagon’s parking lots.

And do you know what the craziest thing about this is? There’s more to it than that.

3 thoughts on “Are 800,000 Bikers Preparing to Confront 1 Million Muslims in DC? No. Here’s Why.

  1. This false post is showing up even today by those right wingers who fear takeover by muslims.

    • A lot of them come in cycles.. during storm season, the “Inola Oklahoma” tornado picture gets spread around (despite being a painting) and a whole new set of people need to learn all over again =) I wrote a debunk post about a forward regarding several Marines “who died this week” in 2010 but it still gets sent around as if it were “this week” despite nearly 10 years ago..

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