Is Burned Baby Getting $3 Per Facebook Share? No. It’s from 2005.

This photo has been circulating recently claiming that Facebook is giving the family of the infant burn victim $3 per every share of the photo.

The photo dates back to at least 2006 via email forwards claiming that $0.03 would be donated for each forwarding of the email — the child is currently at least 9 years old now. The forward claims her name is Alexandra Kuczma, but the child’s actual name is Olenka Kuczma. The story about having been burned from a house fire (in Poland in 2005) is believed true, but no known system for tracking emails or Facebook donations based on shares exists.

An updated photograph of the child can be seen in this 2010 article (in Polish), which Google translates to read that a fraudster is “currently” facing criminal charges in false charity-raising for the child. “Ola” is described then as doing well and is smart, and wore a helmet to school to protect her still-fragile head. This Snopes article also confirms the falsity of the Facebook version.

Biggest culprits known to me:

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