Dear YouTube/Google: Please Develop an ASMR-friendly Video Ad System.

Dear YouTube/Google:

I have ASMR. I get a genuine physical, tactile sensation when hearing certain sounds. You might take a gander at how popular AMSR YouTube channels are becoming. This one, for example, has 271,000 subscribers. This one has 477,000 subscribers. This one, 256k. That’s just from the first few search results from from the first page for YouTube search for simply ASMR.

When I browse to YouTube to hear something specific, often I am interrupted by that desire with a very noisy and harsh video advertisement that defeats the whole purpose of seeking out the desired sound. You need to develop a silent setting for ads that auto-mutes ads because your ads can be non-figuratively painful to hear. I can, yes, just mute the system sound until I’m ready to hear what I’m intentionally browsing to, but that still defeats the purpose of the ad. That would be similar to showing beer pre-roll commercials to someone seeking to treat alcohol addiction. It’s dumb, and it needs to stop.

Please develop or create a culture of advertisers who will gladly produce visual-only advertisements that otherwise have silence, perhaps that use a lot of visual words to explain the advertisement if they need to communicate something verbally, instead of blasting me with audio. Also, allow me to select an ASMR-setting so that only ads that are silent (or otherwise auto-muted) will play for me, because it is non-figuratively painful to hear the ads, and are therefore counterproductive of encouraging listening to what the ad is trying to say. On the reverse of that, noticing that an ad is silent will prompt me to pay more attention to it because it is something I’m geared toward.

At least meet me in the middle somewhere. My brand image of YouTube as a place to go for something I want to hear is deteriorating, because of how insensitive pre-roll ads are for me and how there’s no way to opt out of them. Perhaps you could detect that a user already has subscriptions to ASMR channels, and ensure those users receive silent ads.

Considering this is an actual physical ability issue, just as you might accommodate for wheelchair accessibility, please consider implementing an algorithm that actively monitors whether someone is subscribed to (perhaps even multiple) ASMR channels to boost or weight the RNG (or whatever) to ensure silent ads are pre-rolled instead of noisy ones. Currently, you have cultivated a community of people who feel an actual tactile pain sensation when getting caught off-guard by a noisy ad that was drastically different from what they expected to hear when browsing to a video hosted on YouTube.

I even subscribe to several non-ASMR channels such as Dexbonus because she appeals to my personal tastes in voices that my ears do not react painfully toward, but her general subject matter may likely be video games — but I do not want loud-blaring video game ads to pre-roll for me. Please consider developing a very intense preference toward subscribers of ASMR subscribers to receive strictly silent pre-roll ads perhaps even just as an experiment to see whether clickthru or watching the whole ad makes any difference.


ablestmage :-3

4 thoughts on “Dear YouTube/Google: Please Develop an ASMR-friendly Video Ad System.

  1. You’re right, there should be asmr ads or asmr friendly ads and things of that sort, im tired of my ears being blasted out.

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