Who is Johanna F. Herrstedt?

I have been enamoured by a fashion model on Facebook the last few months, who goes by the name Johanna F. Herrstedt. For the most part, her identity still remains a mystery — but perhaps by design.

I haven’t been able to find very much biographical detail about her, except that she runs a mostly-Swedish blog at Herrstedt.com, which has some English translations, as well as instagram, twitter, youtube, and tumblr (which has a “sister” version at glitterbox.blogg.se. I did find modeling profiles for her on Lookbook.nu and Global Model Scouting.

Most sources seem to agree she was born in 1994 (age 21 as of 2015) and lives in “Sweden not Stockholm.” She was also featured in the music video Ghost Town by Kerbera:

There does seem to be an established presence online specifically bent on revealing Johanna as heavily-photoshopped, but many of the photos attributed as her may actually be photographs of a model who looks similar at certain angles named Elsa Fredriksson or due to the fact that a person’s appearance can change noticeably over the span of only a few years due to natural processes of maturity and personal maintenance.

Also, one element of being a fashion model is inconsistency of appearance: depending on the makeup and wardrobe artistry performed for whatever a model signed to shoot, a model may appear to be one way and in the next shoot appear a completely different way even in profile due to prosthetics, holding one’s lips closed while opening the jaw for a longer jawline shape, packing on cosmetics and artificial textures to change the shape of the face, and other visual tricks outside of photoshop.

Australian modeling mega-star Gemma Ward, for instance, (whose rise to stardom I enjoyed following closely) looks drastically different from one shoot to the next depending on even very simple aspects like lighting — and that is credited among her strengths as a model, in ability to portray a wide variety of looks as a kind of ideal canvas upon which artistry can be boldly and very favorably represented. The emphasis of the fabric, brand, cosmetic, or otherwise product is often the role of models (rather than self), so much that the model may often go entirely uncredited for their work. I have personally written some companies whose ads have appeared in Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar for the name of a model in a certain ad, only to be denied just knowing their name, as a fan.

Her voice can be heard during what appears to be a self-introduction filmed at a public XO2U modeling showcase here (from appx 3:49 thru 4:15) and can be seen scattered throughout:

As of publication, I am still pursuing an informal text-based interview with Johanna via contact details in hopes to gain a little insight, without being too nosey or controversial. This article will be updated to reflect those details, if any.

2 thoughts on “Who is Johanna F. Herrstedt?

  1. Who made the claim that Elsa Fredriksson was Johanna Herrstedt or vice versa? If you actually took the time to compare Johanna’s candid photos/videos (taken & uploaded by others) with her own carefully staged photos/videos, you would find some discrepancies, mainly in the nose, mouth, jaw & neck areas. Otherwise just look up her Encyclopaedia Dramatica. Then you wouldn’t have to wonder why her name is associated with photoshop. She *is* good at retouching (coming from another retoucher and photographer) but it’s a shame she’s unwilling to be more transparent/honest about it, seeing as she is more willing to be deceptive to her large following of mostly teenaged girls by putting forward a beauty standard that is unnaturally/unhealthily/impossibly attainable.

  2. What an idiot. No one has ever mistaken Elsa’s photos with Johanna’s. You’re just bein fooled like her teen “fans”, making up excuses for her lying ass.

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