Is the Photo of Tanks and Chinese Launcher at Wal-Mart Real? NO. Here’s Why.

Sitting at 1,541 shares as of the moment of writing this, the below photo claims to show “Chinese Dong Feng 21C medium range missile with TEL (range est. 1,100 mi.) on the left, and on the right 3 type 98 tanks” in the parking lot of an abandoned Wal-Mart in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Quoted (click image above to be taken to the original) —

Exclusive!!! Must credit Frank Nelson Friedl!!!

The following photo was taken recently at the closed down Walmart at Admiral and Memorial in Tulsa, OK.

For those of you who don’t understand what you are looking at, I can confirm that that is a Chinese Dong Feng 21C medium range missile with TEL (range est. 1,100 mi.) on the left, and on the right 3 type 98 tanks. Only Obama and the Chinese know what else is waiting inside the Walmart cum Chinese staging area.

The sizing may look a bit off, but that is just a problem of perspective and the fact that my clandestine cameraman was completely scared shitless when he saw this and had trouble getting the camera to focus properly.

Gird your loins, America! Shit is about to get real!!!

If you fell for this, you may just need to stop using the internet altogether. The sizing is off because the person who made the edited picture doesn’t know how to adjust brightness and skew angles for properly orienting pictures of military vehicles that he just pasted into an ordinary photo.

For those not especially keen on image editing: look at the shadows of the vehicles. The sky is overcast, and nothing else in the parking lot is casting a shadow. If the sun was out strong enough to cast such a clear shadow on the launcher, you’d be able to see shadows of the shopping cart stalls.

Secondly, googling a “Chinese Dong Feng 21C medium range missile” for images shows that such vehicles have 5 wheels on one side, not 4. Next, compare the lighting and angle of the Dong Feng 21C in the Wal-Mart photo, with this one. The lighting and angles are identical. All the person did was cut it out and paste it onto the parking lot image with a simple image editor. It even has the same reflection on the front window!

The 3 tanks are actually copies of the same tank image, (this one) pasted over the top of each other. Notice all 3 have the identical orientation (and shadow underneath) and the perspective doesn’t change as it should based on distance from the photographer.

Also, the narrative suggests that the cameraman couldn’t focus properly and was scared. Was he scared perhaps by the creepy King mascot from the nearby Burger King? Here is a google maps Streetview of the Wal-Mart in question. At first I thought the camera man would have needed a scissor lift to get that kind of a downward angle on the parking lot in the edited photo, but there’s a fairly sizeable hill in the direction the camera man could have been standing — but still lots of trees to hide in. Plenty of time to take a decent photo.

According to this article the Wal-Mart mentioned in the narrative has been abandoned.

I’ll even take the photo above and add more of the same vehicles right into it, including an Apache chopper. Let’s add a Russian battleship onto the roof.

Perhaps if you look close enough, you’ll notice that I added a photo of you to the roof also. It’s a sucker.


3 thoughts on “Is the Photo of Tanks and Chinese Launcher at Wal-Mart Real? NO. Here’s Why.

  1. Thank you for debunking this photo. The people that make up crap like this as well as the media that pushes it out should be publicly hazed… severely.

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