Did a Driver Get Struck by Lightning After Robbing a Church? No. Here’s Why.

Making the rounds lately is a video that appears to be a high-speed motor vehicle chase of a suspect, with a social media caption that the suspect had just robbed a church. There is a bright flash and the car has a small explosion and is subdued. Was it really struck by lightning?

Possibly largest circulator of edited video, with 36,522,470 views as of this publication:

No. It was actually involved in a head-on collision while trying to pass someone ahead of them. The original video was edited so that the oncoming car’s appearance was removed, the flash was inserted, and all you see is the collision after the flash.

Pay attention to the tree on the right side of the road of the above edited version. At one point the tree is still perhaps 100-200 yards ahead ahead, but immediately after the flash it is right next to the collision site.


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