How Do Men Feel When Women Demand Equal World Cup Wages?

Imagine that you built your own house, but you didn’t just go buy the wood from the store — your grandmother planted the acres and acres of trees, cultivated them over decades from seeds and saplings, and then your mother chopped the trees down one by one over the course of raising you. Your aunt blacksmithed the nails out of ore that she personally mined and processed from her own property acres away and delivered the nails as a gift for your high school graduation. You went to university to learn electrical, plumbing, carpentry and used all of that knowledge to construct this amazing house, riding on what your foremothers’ lumber and mining operations were able to earn and set aside for you to do so.

Now then, some random dudebro buys some land next to yours, sees your house encompassing all of this personal value, and then demands that you must build him an identical house and do it RIGHT NOW because gender fairness. The man is overlooking all of the decades of cultivation, the discipline, the sweat, the splinters, and the generations that were behind the home. The dudebro gathers up several other dudebros who threaten legal penalty, and if failing that, burning it down completely so that the genders are equal finally. This is how it FEELS when you barge in blathering about equal world cup “wages” because gender.

In the sense of sports, you are not simply handed your reward — you earn your reward. The mens sector has been going on for eons and has that momentum and historical significance, but the flash-in-the-pan of womens sector is relatively new by comparison and has a much smaller momentum. There are tons and tons of variables at issue, not simply “because they are men” for their enormous difference in earnings.

Think of how popular the Beatles were by their seventh album, compared to how popular the 1960’s Britpop band Small Faces were, who also released seven albums. You may not have even heard of Small Faces. Merely having released seven albums is not what merits The Beatles’ stardom and fame, or else Small Faces would have achieved the same amount — but there are hundreds of variables in the mix. The seven-album variable is only one single comparison between conceivably thousands of possible variables that propelled the Beatles on a different path than Small Faces, and making a really big buzzword point about equal album count should mean equal fame is utterly nonsensical.

Drawing a comparison from specifically the gender element of men and womens world cup earnings is also nonsensical, because there are likewise conceivably thousands of possible variables in the mix, rather than just gender-related.

Focusing on the gender as a point of “because that would be fair” eliminates all of the other reasons that the accounting, social science, ticket sales, infrastructure, and otherwise indicates that it would not, in fact, be fair. You’re having to ignore all of the hundreds of other variables that make up the genuine disparity only to focus on a single knee-jerk “feeling” rather than the mountain of evidence that very logically substantiates the disparity.


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