When or What Day is TaeNy Day? It’s the 27th of Every Month. Here’s Why.

The 27th of every month is TaeNy Day, a commemoration of the ‘ship’ between SNSD members Taeyeon and Tiffany.

When SNSD first debuted in July 2007, each member was announced one day at a time with a teaser image officially confirming their inclusion into the 9-girl K-pop group. Yoona’s teaser image was released on July 6, making her the first confirmed member.

The next day, Tiffany’s teaser image was released, making her the second confirmed member. In following days each of the 9 members were announced, and Taeyeon was announced seventh. TaeNy day on the 27th, therefore, corresponds to the “debut numbers” of 2 and 7 for Tiffany and Taeyeon.

‘Shipping’ is a fantasy/dream relationship of any variety (best friends, romantic, etc) about 2+ people, fictional and real people alike. To ‘ship’ is to have a joy for the idea that such a relationship exists, and ‘shippers’ are those who follow along with others who ship them, and find interesting coincidences that seem to confirm the ship. Similarly, “OTP” for One True Pairing, can describe the ship that one most fondly adores, from among multiple ships.

The following image celebrating TaeNy Day is by artist Luz Arce Matias from Peru, who currently publishes all of her official artwork releases (including lots of SNSD-related) on instagram here:

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