Is the photo of Inola Oklahoma Tornadoes real? Nope. Here’s Why.

Original Digital Art Post @ DeviantArt:

For some reason, someone who didn’t do their research, or a prankster perhaps, decided to post a digital artwork called “Cthulhu Rising” by artist DaShadeE from DeviantArt, as if it were a photograph of tornadoes in the distance on a road. The reason that it looks fake is because it is fake. Those are tentacles, not tornadoes.. and the bumps at the top are wings. And yet, the forwarding of this, as if it were an amazing storm system continues to get circulated. Also, Inola Oklahoma is flatland, not mountainous.

The actual location, according to the artist, is a highway near Sophia Bulgaria (which is in Europe, not even in the US). The artist used a photograph of the roadway found on Google, and painted the Cthulhu above it. The artist has stated that it’s okay to share, but does not offer it commercially or sell it.

The artist submitted the work to an FB page about HP Lovecraft, and is credited properly. (original link)

Biggest propagators so far:
“This group of tornadoes was around Inola, Oklahoma last night!! Unbelievable…I have never seen anything like it!” 9,461 shares as of April 6, 2015. (original link)

“Thiw was taken on I-40 headed towards Pigeon Forge!!!! Wth!” 96,962 shares as of May 17, 2015 (original link)

3015 upvotes, 285 comments as of April 6, 2015:

27 thoughts on “Is the photo of Inola Oklahoma Tornadoes real? Nope. Here’s Why.

  1. I’m surprised people thought it showed actual tornadoes. I mean, it’s clearly Cthulhu. Since when do tornadoes have bat-like wings? 😀

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  3. From the original artist via ©2014-2016 DaShadeE:
    “A cosmic horror emerging from the mist

    EDIT: Since this painting has gone viral, with numerous people claiming all kinds of dumb shit about it, some clarifications are in order:
    It is a freehand painting over a photo, done in Photoshop. The original photo was taken from Google, the location is a highway near Sofia, Bulgaria. As the original photo is not mine, I will refrain from selling this artwork.”

  4. The number of illiterates that cannot understand that “Inola has no mountains” is not the same as “Oklahoma has no mountains” disturbs me

  5. I live 50 miles from Inola, Oklahoma. I pass through once a month on my way to Tulsa. There are NOT mountains like this in Inola nor is there a hiway resembling the one in the photo. I call major Bullsh*t!!!

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