Did ISIS Burn A Cage Full of Children? NO, it’s fake. Here’s Why.

A photograph has been circulating as a call to action against ISIS, showing someone holding a torch in gesture toward a cage full of children.

The photo is actually, according to a similar photo on Yahoo! News of an awareness-protest staged against the so-called Islamic State, not produced by IS themselves. The children, who are not actually in danger, are dressed in orange to represent the actual victims of IS.

According to an ijreview.com article the photographs were taken near Damascus on appx February 15, 2015, as a campaign to stir the emotions of Syrian’s president to take action against IS.

The photo continues to circulate as evidence of IS’s evil intentions, but is not, actually, even produced by IS at all.

In the background of the original image, people can be seen holding signs. Here is what one of those signs reads:

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