Dear Egypt – Here’s How To Solve Some Problems

Dear Egypt:

You seem to have some trouble figuring out how to have all of your people represented by a single government. It would seem to me that the solution is to have several governments, perhaps hundreds, that each represent differing ideas. Perhaps several states within Egypt that are free to have those beliefs on their own and that people may move to if they wish to hold one belief or another, which will also agree to merely cooperate with other states that disagree on topics in the interest of forming states that are willing to peacefully coexist without reducing each other in violence.

I would propose several clusters of your citizens who possess general leadership skills to get together independently, instead of enormous protests, and form your own smaller states each with clear goals and willingness to work with the other states. Not to fight against each other, but to work together with other states to ensure that each person may hold the wishes that another state desires to support, under the common cause of “the freedom to live in a state that represents what I believe” even if those states disagree with one another.

Why do you insist on finding one enormous government to represent so many different ideas? The more representatives there are, the more clusters of people will be represented. Even if the current false government you have now limits you to 8 or 9 at a time in a group, representatives of those clusters of people can write down goals of that 8 or 9 could speak with representatives of other groups. Going out into the street and shouting is like a clanging cymbal with no orchestra. Amass a common writing of all your collected goals.

1. Gather in groups of 8, just to entertain the current regime’s protest limitations.

2. Write out all of the wishes of each person in the group.

3. Decide between yourselves which person will speak for the group.

4. Name your group somehow, but be flexible if another group tries using the same name.

5. Approach other groups about your group’s desires in a purely statistical way, not for debate.

6. Form special groups with special tasks, such as organizing what other groups desires are by category, organizing group names, group representative contact information, and others.

7. After gathering lots of information, inform the groups only about the people that agree with them.

8. Respect that other groups may have different opinions, but agree to coexist at least until you can get better organized.

These are just some ideas to try, and are perhaps too simple to deal with your more complicated situation that I have not well researched, but it is at least a direction to consider.

Sincerely, ablestmage.

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