“What Toaster Did You Record This With?” Etymology Notes

This is not exactly an etymology, but just a note for any researchers looking this phrase up..

About 8 months ago, I got a YouTube comment on one of my videos asking if I had recorded the video with a toaster, implying that I hadn’t used a high enough quality recorder to make the video. This is similar to other such comments like “240p, we meet again” as an editorial on the low resolution of the video, now that YouTube is more capable of displaying very high quality video (since 240p is the lowest resolution YouTube recognizes, and appears fuzzier, as opposed to higher resolutions like 1080p or 720p which are much sharper and clearer recordings). A large number of my YouTube videos are low quality, from before YouTube really began to push HD uploads, and the typical video I uploaded was far lower quality that feasible for me, then. I still get similar comments even on my HD videos, though, like this one mostly from poor lighting conditions, or unusual situations like recording a monitor from a tripod-mounted camera instead by software.

I have since seen other variations of this type of remark, though the comment 8 months ago (~March 2012) was the first type I’d ever seen.

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