Mysterious and Intriguing “Surveillance Camera Man” Films People

Although some of the people seem like they’re acting (especially the first couple studying on a computer), each segment appears to be genuine.. A man enters an arbitrarily “personal” space of someone and films them, usually resulting in the person being upset that they’re being filmed — despite the fact that each of us are filmed every day and don’t have a problem with it. I am completely baffled by the irate responses of those wishing not to be filmed, for the plain fact that they’re being filmed constantly and have no problem with it, until there is an actual person holding the camera and suddenly it’s a huge injustice that warrants calling the police.

Particularly curious to me is the woman who steps out onto pavement and insists that it is per permission that dictates whether she may or may not be filmed (being out in public no less), rather than how the law actually protects the press instead. Also odd is how the woman from the Scientology building states that the filmer may write whatever he pleases, but filming or photographs aren’t permitted.

I would challenge those who find this offensive, to find any such law that states that permission is required to film in public places, of objects that are visible from a public position — such as other people, or private property visible from otherwise routinely public viewing locations such as through the windows. I would challenge anyone who would find this behavior offensive, to realize that the law instead protects the filmer, rather than the filmed. What are you afraid of? Do you not analyze your own reactions, or do you just invent things to justify your reactions?

One thought on “Mysterious and Intriguing “Surveillance Camera Man” Films People

  1. I watch all those video and i see the advantage of having an surveillance camera.In Finland surveillance camera is been very friendly to police because of the fact that the info they need is in that camera.In part of Helsinki many of are installing now cctv cameras in their house which is really cheap but has an quality one.

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