Master List of Star Wars + Disney Memes, Puns and and Combined Titles

Add your own in the comments! Here are a few I’ve found, and several I’ve made up..

Star Wars, Episode VII: The Wizards of Waverly Starbase
It’s a Parent Trap!
The Emperor’s New Groove Still Has A Hole At The End
Return from/Race to Wedge Mountain
TIE Story
The Lightsaber in the Stone (or in the Binks)
101 Darth Mauls
Bedknobs and Blue Max
The Sithy D.A.
Ackbars in the Outfield
Operation Dooku Drop
The Huttgut of Notre Dame
The Bridge to Terribleprequelia
The Chewbaccas of Narnia: Prince Calrissian
Wreck-It Lucas
The Aristocrumbs (ref, Salacious B Crumb)
The Ackbar Dumpling Gang
Mary Palpatins
Swiss Family Roguesquadron
Ol’ Yoder
Blasted Owen Lars onto the Sand (20,000 Leagues)
The Littlest Jedi
Delight of the Naboo-haters
The Hottie in the White Ripped Suit (ref)
Winnie The Dooku
Something Rereleased This Way Comes
The Bossk Cauldron (Bossk being the dino-looking bounty hunter)
The Great Nass Detective
The Little MerMaul
The Muppet Calrissmas Carol
Honey I Shot The Kids First

If you like these, please visit my new word-nerd blog called Divvyry, for any new entries here =)

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