Did Panser Smash Win The Maxim Girl Gamer Contest? No, She Didn’t.

The reason Panser Smash (sometimes misspelled Panzer Smash) didn’t win the Maxim Girl Gamer contest is because a bunch of trolls down-voted one of her finalist videos and she ended up losing. Why did they do that? Because she’s a freaking psycho who blows up at her fans trying to help her, makes them mad, and they turn on her for being such a freak.

Panser @ FB: GRRR, people keep messaging me asking if I won the Girl Gamer contest by Maxim! Why don’t they just google it?
Me: Why don’t you just link somewhere on your FB profile’s About, to the announcement you didn’t win?
Panser: I’ve posted a bunch of times about it!
Me: So, they’re still messaging you about it.. so maybe write a FAQ on your About section?
Panser: They should just google it!
Me: I just tried googling it, and didn’t find it.
Panser: I tried, and found as the first result.
Me: The problem is they’re still messaging you. To intervene from bad google fu, why not post a link to the answer on your about page, so you won’t get messaged so much?
Me: …?

Freaking. Psycho. Try to help a girl out to prevent future hurt from the same recurring problem, but she just expects people to just “figure it out” without any action on her part. GENIUS.

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