How To Win At Bingo Blitz on Facebook

For those unfamiliar, there is a wildly popular Bingo-style game on Facebook called Bingo Blitz. Most of the people I’ve encountered rely purely on luck of the draw and never think about strategy.. because they believe it’s a game of luck, right? Not exactly. There is plenty of opportunity for strategy on a game that seems like it might be entirely luck.

Power-ups are how you win big. There are power-ups that give you 1 random free spaces, 2 random free spaces, instant-win spaces that (if drawn) make that card win even if there’s no otherwise legit bingo. To get power-ups, you can buy them in the game’s “store” with in-game coins you win from getting a bingo, or win power-ups when specially-marked numbers on your cards get called. Anyhow, if you’re a player of BB, chances you know good and well how to get power-ups.

I have what I believe to be a fool-proof strategy to win or come within the top spots of the tournament, but I’m still new to the game so my plan will take a long time to bear fruit. You however, may already have enough built up to use my strategy..

1. Gain enough power-ups to employ the strategy.
2. Get rid if all power-ups *except* the ones you want.

Say for example, your goal is to get an Instant power-up as the first power-up of each tournament round — there are five rounds in the tournament, so you’ll need to work your collection up to 5 instants. The only way to guarantee that you’ll be able to use one instant per round as the first power-up, though, is to have *only* instants in your power-up collection. In order to get your collection down to *only* instants, you have to play lots and lots of non-tournament games (like New York) and use up all of your power-ups, BUT never use any instants, BUT ALSO never to daub any numbers that have treasure chests on them.

Since your real strategy is trying to change up your power-up collection, rather than win games, winning games at this point in the process doesn’t matter. You can easily not-daub numbers with treasure chests on them because you know they might add more power-ups to your collection, which you’re actually trying to get rid of.

As fun as winning a single round or opening chests might be, your victory of getting an instant on the first power-up during tournament will be much, much sweeter. Whenever an instant comes up, or when a number is called that has a treasure chest on it, you simply DON’T TOUCH IT. By not touching it, you won’t use up the Instant you’re trying to save, and you won’t get random power-ups added to you collection that you’re trying to get rid of.

Once you have your collection boiled down to only instants, you’ll get instants immediately on every round. One way to help this along is, once you’re high enough in level, is to play Black Out. Since you have to fill up the whole square with daub marks AND since Black Out doesn’t let you use Instant power-ups, it will take a long time before anyone wins and also means that you can use up a lot of power-ups in that amount of time.

As much fun as it might sound to get Instants every round as the first power-up, I think the REAL strategy is actually to use up all of your instants, in fact. I think the REAL trick to placing high in tournament is to save up your DOUBLE DAUB power-ups, which place down two freebie marks randomly on EACH card.

One problem with Instants is that you can only use them once per round, and you won’t be able to use any more for that round — meaning, you’ll just have to get lucky and hope that those numbers are drawn. Double-Daub power-ups, however, can come up multiple times per round — meaning, you card gets filled up pretty quickly and you can get a regular bingo much faster.

On average, I’d guess I use up maybe 5 or 6 power-ups per round on Tournament play. If all 6 of those power-ups were Double Daubs, that would be 12 spaces ahead of everyone else, GUARANTEED numbers daubed PER CARD. Remember all those times you just needed ONE more filled? Imagine how easily it would have been if you’d gotten 6 Double Daubs and filled up TWELVE spaces MORE than everyone else — without even needing your numbers called!

My current goal is to save up six Double Daubs per round, so at five rounds means I would need to save up THIRTY Double-Daubs. I could probably get those pretty easily by just buying 9-packs from the store and just playing games trying to get as many treasure chests as possible. Once I reach thirty Double-Daubs, I plan to play cheapo New York rounds, match after match, and use up all of my power-ups EXCEPT Double Daubs. If one of the Double Daubs comes up, I simply won’t hit it and won’t be able to use up any more for that round. Eventually I’ll have nothing but Double Daubs, and I can put my plan into place.

Who’s with me?

8 thoughts on “How To Win At Bingo Blitz on Facebook

  1. along with that is dont accept the messages people send they have keys,if you dont have keys you cant open chest therefore still allowing you to click on them on the chest.another thing I did is when you use a instant in the tourney is take your time clicking numbers called this will alow the cool down meter to run down.Then when it;s ready click your 3 numbers called and it gives you another instant.You get 1 more instant per round doing this,and increase your odd of winning.

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    thhis topic. You know a whole lot its almost hard to argue with you (not that I really would want to…HaHa).
    Youu certainly put a brand new spi on a subject that’s been written about
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  3. I love bingo blitz I just wish I had the B credits to back m me up and actually be able to play any suggestions

  4. I partly agree with ablestmage. I disagree on the double daub part. 2x PUs are more important, imo, than double daubs. First thing I did was to use up all keys and not buy anymore. At the same time, using up other PUs except instants and 2x. When you play Blackout, the 2x is the only PU NOT to click. This, of course, will take a long time if you have 1000s of PUs. You only need 2 cards in Blackout to use up many PUs. It took me about 3 months to get the red jewel plus the 4 trophies. This is not a guarantee you’ll get into the top 250 every time. So, you need to go into the Daily with at least 5 instants and 2xs only. You’ll most likely need a 1st or 2nd place in one of the 5 rounds, too, to get to the top 250. Good luck to all!!

  5. just wanted to say have all 5 of my daily tourney trophies and 2 extra red gems.. out of the 7 days I won the red gem.. only 3 did I get rounds where I placed in top 3. I accomplished this by combining patience with timing and of course a little luck.. I just made sure that.. 1. had a lot of power ups, 2. daubbed 3 # did power up and then waited til powerup ready to daub again (i would daub the # but always made sure had 3 ready to daub when power up was ready) 3. not sure if had any effect but it was part of my routine so going to mention.. in between rounds I buy powerups.. and wait until after 1st number has been called before purchasing cards.
    I obtained my 6th n 7th red gems when I was demonstrating this to friends. Good Luck all x

  6. But hey….1 thing…. Getting righteous Tourney scores is IMPOSSIBLE without the 2x payout power up! Ive won 4 reds on main acct thanks to 2x, booster & double daubs…

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