Time Warner Cable/Roadrunner – How To Change “Lite” (1.5Mbps) to “Basic” (3Mbps) If You Ordered Basic

I’ve newly switched my Internet provider to Time Warner Cable’s Roadrunner cable internet, but discovered that although the site listed an “up to 3Mbps” speed for my order of the lowest tier available, the tech support’s system showed my system listed instead as “Lite” which maxes out around 1.5Mbps. After a couple days of phone tech support hassle, I finally got the number from one of the phone support techs to which I could report discrepancies between what I ordered online versus what I was showing in the system.

>> 1-866-410-4446 / Time Warner Cable, ordering issues

The man pulled up my account after I gave him the order number (which I had handy, printed from the web after the moment of ordering online) and noticed the discrepancy and corrected the issue in the system quite easily, despite several techs before him without that ability.

Hopefully this could save you several hours of runaround, trying to fix speed issues =) In chatting with techs online before the sale, I was told there is an in-company “80%” figure that qualifies an account for a “slow speed issue” regarding any cited “up to # Mbps” bandwidth tier, with the in-company goal of getting at least 80% of the max figure for the tier without any service-visit costs to get there. If your speed is less than 80% of the “up to” figure, consider giving their regular tech support (800-222-5355) a ring to see whether the accounts are correct, as mine had not been. The call the above number to get it corrected ~_^

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