Will Facebook Donate $3 For Every Share of Pic of The Baby With the Burned Face? No.

Will Facebook donate $3 (three dollars) for each time the picture of a burned baby is shared?

No, they will not.

It’s not from refusal, but because someone made it up. It’s a hoax that’s seven years old, and suckers who never look things up first won’t figure it out until after they’ve already done it.

Snopes notes that the burned infant, named Alexandra (Olenka) Cukzma, is Polish and that the photo is several years old. It started in 2005 as an email forward, and continues today.

Congratulations to you, my friend, if you decided to look this up before you Shared it or forwarded it. You might make an okay journalist one day.

But a stern-faced, sour glare of bitter disappointment if you’re reading this after you’ve already Shared/forwarded it. You will be this world’s undoing. Now go delete the post you shared (or promptly re-email all of the innocents you emailed the picture to explaining your grave folly) before anyone else succumbs to your propaganda, so that some shred of your future credibility remains intact.

3 thoughts on “Will Facebook Donate $3 For Every Share of Pic of The Baby With the Burned Face? No.

  1. People still do this, geez, from the missing girl pic, to the some kid dying of leukemia and the gay-Christ movie, lies, lies, lies, just to get people all riled up over what? When will people get more constructive with their time?

    • There seems to be some kind of weird “it’s a positive thought, so I will spread it even if it is a lie, because someone else might feel good about sharing this also, even if it is a lie” kind of emotion going on, that overrides the fact that they’re spreading lies instead in favor of feeling good, as if they can’t control how they feel in the first place.

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