Dhimmitude and Obamacare: No Connection

There’s an email forward making the rounds suggesting that Obama’s medical insurance requirement actually secretly establishes a pro-Muslim legal precedent of some kind, under the name Dhimmitude on “page 107”..

The Snopes article about it says that there are exemptions for religious groups but does not offer any specific examples.

While Dhimmitude is a real thing (and a smart one, in my opinion — I think medical insurance altogether is an absurd waste of time and money that only contributes to the high cost of medical, rather than preventing it), it’s not noted in the health care bill. Further, I wouldn’t even bother suggesting that the health care bill even has “pages”, depending on what font you print it out as, because it’s just text that can be resized and still retain its original purpose.

Dhimmitude is not actually an Islamic concept, per se — it is a sharia law concept, which is the a legal system employed by many countries dominated by Muslim populations, but isn’t precisely tied to “Islam” necessarily. The word comes from adding the suffix “-itude” (wiki) alongside sharia’s Dhimma concept, of a state whose citizens are granted residence in exchange for taxation, whereas “Dhimmi” would be a citizen of that state.

The writer of the forward unreasonably suggests that the bill’s “conscious exemption”, as applied to religious groups, caters specifically to Islam and is therefore some variety of “establishment” of Islam into American culture — when instead it could just as easily be applied to the Amish, as establishment of an Amish foothold in the US government. The word “Dhimmitude” does not even appear in the text of the bill.

7 thoughts on “Dhimmitude and Obamacare: No Connection

    • An article is only as reliable as its sources.. if you want to verify my sources, or Snopes’ sources for that matter, do that. But don’t dismiss a “site” — do some research into the specific criticism you find faulty, and describe them.

    • I agree Marlene. Snopes is extremely liberal and left leaning and I’m finding it more and more difficult to get to the truth of a matter regarding anything these days, especially anything in relation to Obama, ie., origins, purpose, motives, and on….and on………..

  1. The last paragraph of the SNOPES article states ” The bottom line is that health insurance mandate provision of PPACA doesn’t kick in until the year 2014, and between then and now there’s no telling what challenges may be launched (or accepted) regarding who might be exempt from it.” Does anyone think if Obama is in office in 2014 the muslim’s won’t be exempt?

    • The point is that religious groups such as Christians and Muslims BOTH may be exempt. This isn’t about special rights for Muslims. It’s about special rights to be exempt by those who object to the provisions on religious grounds — not specifically Muslims.

      • There is a great degree of naivety here if you really belief that obamacare is going to exempt anything or anyone because they are Christians. A perfect example of this is in regards to birth control and putting it into a ‘healthcare’ bill as a required expectation regardless of your moral or religious view regarding it. The truth will out eventually and I much prefer being on the side of caution in relation to ANYTHING proposed by a man that claims to be American but refuses to provide adequate evidence of that or even his educational background.

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