Pit Bull Owners Flunk Listening Comprehension Over McDonalds Ad, Begin Growling

In the news lately has been how McDonald’s has rolled over and played dead to pressure from (surely a narrow) segment of their customer base — people who either own a domesticated dog species “pit bull” or otherwise have a strange fixation on promoting a healthy image of them — after McDonald’s ran a radio advert comparing the act of trying something new as being less risky than trying to pet a stray pit bull, among other more-risky topics.

Okay first, all jokes aside about how pit bull owners are sloped-forehead retarded — the advert was not suggesting that stray pit bulls in general were risky (which they are), or that “food safety” was the topic.

A Sensible Interpretation of the Advert
The advert, above, was about the risk of trying something new.

Now, trying a new McDonald’s product is predictably REMARKABLY NOT RISKY. I think this should be fairly obvious, unless you have an aversion or allergy to an ingredient (in which case all food, McDonald’s or otherwise, could be suspect).

Now that the premise has been established that there is NO RISK from trying a new McDonald’s meal item, a list of other riskier activities is listed:

1. Petting a stray pit bull.
2. Shaving your head to see how it would look.
3. Naming your son “Sue”.
4. Giving your friends your Facebook password.

Given this scaling, with the level of risk for trying something new at McDonalds being ZERO, and giving your friends your Facebook password being 4, on a scale of 0 to 4, petting a stray pit bull is only rank number one — AND YET PIT BULL OWNERS ARE OUTRAGED!

Pit Bull Owners Outraged At The Ad Flunked Creative Writing
I would put petting a stray pit bull, on this scale, probably at number 2 at least. Naming your son Sue wouldn’t be terrible — since the trend has already been established. I had an old gent neighbor named Jan, and Ashley is a newly popular boy name, so Sue isn’t terribly far off, kids will tease any other kid about anything.

It is fairly unanimous and common knowledge, however, that petting stray animals is dangerous. The point is not specifically about pit bulls (whereby pit bulls are mentioned simply as an example) being dangerous, but that STRAY animals (in general) is risky.

The inclusion of “pit bull” is merely by example of a stray animal (out of all stray animals) risky to pet. The ad could just as easily have said petting a stray little mouse, or a stray bunny rabbit, or a stray dog of any other breed.

People who lack understanding about using style in writing would predictably flunk the reading comprehension portion if this were to appear on a standardized test.

Pit bulls being animals, petting stray pit bulls would be risky. The web is generally in agreement with the fact that petting stray animals is risky behavior. RISKY in this case, suggests that DANGER IS POSSIBLE but not necessarily that doing so is always dangerous.

A high RISK suggests that the confidence or ability to determine a dangerous situation from otherwise is difficult to immediately establish, that caution should be advised — with any animal. Strays present a situation of uncertainty, as to whether the animal, of any breed, has had proper immunizations, has been declawed, or isn’t injured, isn’t upset, has no parasites, hasn’t had proper nutrition and is madly hungry, or a whole host of other perfectly plausible issues with being stray. The emphasis of the example of pit bull is that it is STRAY and therefore RISKY about whether these variables are ideal for the safety of petting.

The problem with the visual portion of the above “alert” going out is the omission of the word “stray” and instead suggest that the advertisement instead claims petting “pit bulls” is risky. So essentially, pit bull enthusiasts are getting upset over an advertisement that was misquoted to them and they trusted that source enough to act out upon it without bothering to check out the facts first.

If you are a pit bull activist and checking things out first before you get crazy mad over nothing, to you I say: Bravo.

If you are a pit bull activist and got crazy over nothing before checking things out first, to you I say: You’re a dope.

In summary, Reasons People Are Upset About The Advert:

1. They can’t figure out the purpose of the ad.
2. They can’t understand how literary style offers “pit bull” as a random example of a stray animal that is risky to approach.
3. They’re unable to determine that the ad is actually, by comparison, calling the topic they’re upset out LESS RISKY than other fairly UNRISKY behaviors.
4. They’re dopes.

8 thoughts on “Pit Bull Owners Flunk Listening Comprehension Over McDonalds Ad, Begin Growling

  1. An idiot trying to sound smart . This guy doesn’t get the stereotype that this Ad keeps making . Does this Schmuck realize Pitbull’s and Pitbull breeds get put down in more states than any other dog … because people won’t adopt them due to this crap that keeps being played out in the media … over and over again .

    • The reason pit bulls get put down is because of overpopulation, not image. If a pit bull had been spayed/neutered properly, the babies from that pair would not have been born and would not have had to eventually be put down. Simple population control is the answer, not a change in image.

      I understand the stereotype that you falsely believe this ad is putting out.

      • Do some research, Pitbulls are deemed unadoptable at MANY shelters and Pounds. So yes, a pitbull does get put down because of its breed and infact if the pibull is a stray and malnursihed it is put down instantly, not even a 4 day wait. See the Story of ACE the pitbull in detroit (stray) that came into a store for help only to have the pound euthanize it minutes after it was turned in. Even disobeying court orders to not kill the dog. Detroit is horrible to the pitbull breeds, over breading is a HUGE problem as is fighting. But most importantly ignorant commercials, media hype and news greed for pitbull attacks. If you have never owned a pit, don’t comment YOU HAVE NO CLUE WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT.

      • It is image as well as over population. Pits are much harder to find home for due to the media reporting of pitbull attacks versus any other breed of dog. A lab can attack a human and it is not reported but the minute a pit does it is front page news and on every news station. There needs to be a change in both.

  2. Steven is correct. Ables you are not. They do actually put pit bulls down DUE to their breed. I just read in the news about a town that has seized pit bulls because they are not “insured” their owners have followed ALL the other laws except this insuring your pet one. These pets will face euthanasia, they’re stereotyping good dogs because of other people being idiots. The owners of the seized pit bulls are even begging to let them take them to an outlying town that doesn’t have these laws and yet they wont release them they even begged to have them put in no kill shelters and still nothing. I am sorry but if you have a dog you will know the judgement passed on about this breed. Many dogs of this type are killed for no reason other than breed alone daily. Yes lots of pets are killed but this breed is more discriminated against than any other. The ad in general could have said a simple “petting a stray dog” but it specified a exact breed. I honestly do not thing stray pit bulls are dangerous. You can go yeah whatever bet you haven’t pet a stray pit and that’s where you are wrong i have pet maybe a dozen stray pits. One actually ended up my pet another ended up in my sisters hands. (not at the same time, years apart) I don’t judge a dog who is a stray they could be sweet (NOW if it was growling and showing aggressive behavior I wouldn’t go up to is as its probably scared, aggressive due to how it was handled or feral). So please do not let your ignorance spill onto a comment. Pit Bulls are killed due to their breed they are segregated in “humane shelters” and eventually killed for no other reason than their breed.

    **Knowledge of this comes from doing volunteer work in a shelter and humane society.**

    • Umm, you are ridiculous. Do your research, learn about the breed. Didn’t you hear about Vicks dogs, how they were adopted out and are not dangerous. All dogs can be dangerous, all breeds and muts. As responsible dog owners we need to take the proper steps to benefit both the dog and the humans.

  3. It was a racist commercial! Discremination to the pitbull breed Stray or not! Sharpton wouldn’t put up with a commercial about chicken wings and blacks portrayed….and I will not stand behind a commercial that adds to the hype that pitbulls are bad. Any stray is scared and unshure of humans intention. But funny thing is if you take the time to help a stray (pitbull or not) once you gain it’s trust, it could be the best animal you ever own. Sick of the discremanation against this beloved breed, that as humans we overbreed, fight, crop there ears and teach them to hate.

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