Will there be a Ferris Bueller 2? No. The teaser was for the Super Bowl Commercial.

As far as I can tell, there will not be a “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off 2” film released in theatres — the teaser ad getting quite the rave is instead just a teaser for a Honda CR-V commercial by all appearances.

I checked IMDB, and there are no entries for anything Ferris Bueller for 2012, not even a post-production project — unless it’s code-named something else to throw us off (but that would be a terrible idea).

Honda has, however, released a lengthier version of the commercial already, which re-creates some of the scenes from the first film.

To be fair, I think you should keep a keen eye out that Honda hasn’t made any reference to anything about a “Ferris Bueller 2” or anything of the kind — the attention-grabbing users who upload clipped version of the original teaser have been titling the video as movie trailers are not from Honda and are merely trolling crazed nostalgics into an uproar.

By all appearances so far, especially from lack of any coverage of a Ferris Bueller 2 pre-production, post-production, or anything-production project from any upcoming-film site that I’ve been able to detect, the Superbowl advert is all there is.

But even still — could the buzz instead be a toe-testing-the-water ploy to see whether America is ripe for green-lighting a Bueller 2 feature film?

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