Random Image: Frigid Fox Foraged Futily

Try your hand at writing 300 or more words about this picture, without using any of the words in the title ^_~


4 thoughts on “Random Image: Frigid Fox Foraged Futily

  1. Fallen fox, frozen in fear,
    fur feels fluffy… if a bit frosty.
    Doomed to die without a tear,
    face full of food, future can’t foresee.

    Flung forward in faith,
    ill fortune its fate.
    In ice cannot bathe,
    blame fish that was bait.

    Fanciful fool floats frosted, forlorn,
    when days ago, in fields he did flourish,
    now they claim his orphaned firstborn.
    Hours ago, in bins he did rummage…

    …some foul and filthy thing in throat,
    water he craved, a frozen flood did he get,
    this fearsome freeze leaves him to float,
    alone in the river, a death without fret.

    Ok it’s ridiculous and totally over the top but what else am I going to write about a frozen fox? (and yes I know I used the word ‘fox’ when I was specifically forbade from doing so but I shall make it up to you, whoever you are, by sending you cookies. Chocolate chip ok?)

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