“Govern Your Fate” Facebook Poll Text Adventure

Today I just had the idea to start my own series of Facebook Questions that provide a simple scene or context, and present a series of options for the reader to take. The votes for the options will be tallied at the writing of the next installment, and a new scene will be presented based on the option with the most votes.

To join in, simple “Like” the Govern Your Fate Facebook page, and you’ll get new poll scenes on your newsfeed.

The overall idea is based on a message board series that I managed (as username “Snakebyte” in ~1994) back in the BBS days for the “Diamond’s Mine” WWIV board in my city back then, called The Holodeck, where I would present a paragraph or two of backstory for specific users to make choices, although all members could read them. As they made their choice, I would write an adapted scene for that choice, and had several scenes going on at once, all unrelated. I also attempted to write a similar, static story in HTML called “Govern Your Fate” several years ago.. though not sure if I’ve still got it someplace.. hmm..

Anyhow, I wonder if we can get this thing rolling from just a handful of people and into a massively-voted epic? ^__^

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