May The Randoms Continue!

Apologies for the overt laziness regarding the lack of random images queued up, but it’s part of a slightly bigger issue than that.

In the middle of April sometime, I watched a brief documentary-style piece made by the folks at MTV, about the goings-on of the offices at Facebook. I’d been just fresh from seeing The Social Network and was still interested, and their net security guy had a lovely office — with a “standing desk” instead of a regular sort at which you would be seated all day.

I generally *am* seated all day doing Net things when not working, and was trying to find a way to get myself up and active to complete other real-world projects that have been on so many backburners that any chef might be impressed with the stove upon which those projects rested.

So, I decided to transition my computer’s workstation from a sit-down desk to a standing desk where I would have to be up and around in order to even access the Internet — partly as a technique to limit my browsing habits so I could accomplish more pressing real-world projects.

This will be my first time queueing up the random images while the standing desk is in effect (and in fact will bit sitting on a squishy couch using a laptop to do it since it takes a while), but I plan to hammer out more than usual =)

Edit — WordPress has integrated two lovely functions that ablestmage now employs.. All of my random image posts now get auto-tweeted, for those Twit-heads out there that wish to catch the titles and links back here for all posts (not just randoms). Follow me here.

Also, there is now a Facebook “Like” option for all of my posts, but in order to access it you’ve go to navigate to the actual article page you wish to Like (by clicking on its headline). Until WordPress’ design gurus implement some way to put the Like option on the main feed of all stories, I suppose that’ll do =)

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