“Banana.” Facebook Status Revealed.. But Why?

As best I can tell so far, it seems to be just some kind of coded trend to indicate your relationship status. As with the last major trend like this, it was rumored that it was to spread awareness of breast cancer, but I’m not seeing any signs that point to awareness of a different topic just yet.

Like the previous trend, in my experience so far, the status seems to largely be propagated by women. The system goes by the following general pattern:

Blueberry: I am single.
Pineapple: It’s complicated.
Raspberry: I am a touch and go woman.
Apple: I’m engaged.
Cherry: I’m in a relationship.
Banana: I am married.
Avocado: I am the “other one”.
Strawberry: Can’t find the right one.
Lemon: I wish I was single.
Grape: I wants to get married.

I got the code from this page, and figured it was a women-only thing because part of the code (for Raspberry) refers to being a woman.

If anyone has any further details, please post in the comments and provide your reference.

5 thoughts on ““Banana.” Facebook Status Revealed.. But Why?

  1. To show support for the Facebook females, post one of the following to your status.

    (Example: Post “Blueberry” to your status if you are single and want to fool around.)

    Blueberry: I am single and I want to fool around.
    Pineapple: It’s complicated because I like to fool around.
    Raspberry: I’m bisexual and I like to fool around.
    Apple: I like group sex and I like to fool around.
    Cherry: I’m in a relationship, but I like to fool around anyway.
    Banana: I am married, but want to fool around.
    Avocado: I am the “other one” because I like to fool around.
    Strawberry: I can’t find the right one, but I like to fool around.
    Lemon: I’m a prude and I don’t like to fool around.
    Grape: I want to get married so I can fool around too.

  2. I wish my friends would stop posting fruits on their walls. I’ve been seeing it for months and I just think it’s silly.

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