~ The State of the Mage Address + NYR Total ~

This post has been a long-time coming, to wrap up a few things from last year and to forecast what’s ahead for Ablestmage in 2011.

Firstly, Ablestmage.com (and its WordPress host) turned three years old on or around December 10, 2010. The goal from the second anniversary was to break 500,000 hits by that time — which was well surpassed with a ~680k hit according to the sitemeter. I suspect the AblestStat meter to the right lists non-unique hits (meaning each page a person hits is also included in the total, rather than one person’s visit which may include several pages).

Notable spikes in traffic include the snarky Pedophile/Facebook debunking page from several weeks ago that brought in 65k+ additional visitors than the usual 2500-3500 weekly visitors. One of my videos on YouTube, the Newton personal robot promo from 1989 (for which I possess copyright authority and debuted here) saw a spike of around 8,000 hits from the general UK area despite having been originally published about two years ago. Usage contracts have since been signed twice to companies under Endemol in the UK for two comedy television programs and signifies pretty much the only earnings Ablestmage.com has to speak of in three years — an undisclosed amount which will be given to charity =)

How many hits can the site break in December of 2011? As of Jan 6, using the sitemeter as an official gauge, it’s already up to 692k, so surely the 750k mark can’t be too far away. I won’t jinx it by guessing any further than that =)

As for the results for 2010’s New Year’s Resolution to complete or progress one “art” piece per week — The grand total is that 31 weeks out of 52 were accounted for, for a score of 59.615% which oddly enough is what I suspect my College Algebra final grade must have been, because I somehow pulled off D in it. The remaining three weeks were as follows:

For Week #50 (ending December 16), I completed a project that I will, for the moment, remain silent on as to its true purpose. It involves the use of Plaster of Paris, a small easter egg, Plasti-Dip (which is pretty good stuff but a bit expensive) and some jute rope. It was nonetheless a success and actually stands as a project that I did genuinely complete =P

For Week #51 (ending December 23), I began playing Minecraft and attempted to recreate my own Mines of Moria from Lord of the Rings to miserable failure when, after having carved out several relatively short columns in the middle of a mountain, I decided to add a skylight and foolishly dug up and into a hidden lake that was entirely encased in the mountain’s rocky interior, and ended up flooding out my mini-Moria. I’ve begun a new world, however, and am in the process of completely razing an entire mountain from the top down in order to acquire the necessary rock required for a better version.

For Week #52 (ending December 30), I played more Minecraft but it seems like that shouldn’t count. I did clean up the house quite a bit and in that effort, processed a bunch of used-up puppy-food tin cans for use in a future project using that metal. I washed the cans out, tore off the labels, can-opened the other end to form a cylinder, then tin-snipped them up the side and bent them out relatively flat (with plans to run over them with a truck to flatten them out better, probably under a board). I also revised my 2-litre bottle collection so that they’re no longer in a wine-rack stacking arrangement, but instead sit upright in levels of 9×5 rectangles. The change in temperature makes them collapse rather easily and tends to topple any sideways stacking attempts. I tore a few pallet separators to suit and now they will soon begin their slow ceiling-ward climb in a more stable arrangement.

I’ve come up with two new New Year’s Resolutions for 2011, am considering a third — (a) to read one classic novel per month and report on my thoughts of it. At some point The Great Gatsby is planned. For January, the selection is Foundation by Isaac Asimov, which is touted by its own blurbs as the top SciFi/Fantasy winner that beat out both Narnia and Lord of the Rings as all-time best series in its category.. we’ll see about that. (b) I’d like to see 100 movies of which I have not yet once partaken, and (c) I’d like to actually write out two of my own daily writing challenges per week, to be found in the comments.

2011 is going to busy! Let’s get started.

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