“Saved By The Belding” Premiere: 12/10/10

A friend of mine and several of his closer friends have a little production outfit called Save The Empire Productions and are big fans of the Saved By The Bell franchise — and opted for their latest project to create a follow-up to.. (channeling Chris Farley..) Do you remember in that one episode, where, Principal Belding’s brother came into town and was a really awesome substitute teacher for a little while, and then planned this white-water rafting trip for the class and then bailed at the last second, dumping it on Mr. Belding? Maybe this trailer should help things out..

They had done a short film prior to this, called Lost Heroes: Saved By The Bell’s Rod Belding, which the full version is online here. The Saved By The Belding short film is a sequel to it, and is due to premier on December 10th on Dailymotion’s front page according to the group’s Facebook page and and the SBTB official site.

The new sequel is not merely the guys discussing their dreams about what could-have-been — the team actually contacted Dennis Haskins, the actor who played Principal Belding and managed to locate the actor who played the brother, Rod Belding (who is now a real estate agent in California) to participate in the sequel. They produced a script, the pair agreed, and the guys flew out to California to shoot..

They’ve also got several other projects on display at their Funny or Die account, and also produced (one? two?) a Batman fan-film that I attended the premier for in a local movie theatre, that was actually rather impressive..

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