NYR: Complete/Progress One Art Per Week #37-49

For better context of what these NYR posts mean, see this intro post.

It should be pretty clear by now that I’ve utterly trampled this New Year’s Resolution to bits, judging from how many weekly posts I’ve made about it lately. The last entry was from the week #36 which ended Sept 9 — but almost entirely from being so forgetful about it.

I’m pretty sure I did something during that time. Pathetic.

The best I can recall, I tried to build a structure for a 60+ 2-litre bottle wine-rack looking thing to house my collection (of empty plastic 2-litre soda bottles) instead of their old home of just various random places around the house. Yes, I am very messy. Messier than you, probably. That was built no longer ago than last week, so perhaps that will suffice for Week 48.

I went shopping on Black Friday at 4am to Target, where I filmed the opening and ~18 minutes of people walking inside plus me standing in line to check out, edited the files together into concise package.. so that takes car of.. oh drat, that was also Week 48.

I re-discovered the temporarily misplaced, single-known surviving copy of the SynPet Newton promo video and made a new high-quality rip of it on or about November 23rd according to correspondence with another UK outfit that wishes to use it for an upcoming British show, so that takes care of Week 47.

At my regular physical-work job, there was a pumpkin-carving contest (that I won, sort of) so I plunged knife into gourd fruit for that and I uploaded pics to my Facebook on October 19th, which takes care of Week 42.

According to my FTP logs, some web editing I did (such as displaying my collection of FrontierVille double-entendres) took place on November 14, so that takes care of Week 45.

Also for work, I concocted a technical-writing-esque instructional page to explain some of the finer points of shelf-stocking that makes the job go faster, that isn’t taught in the employee manuals for my position. I uploaded parts of it to the web because it was easier to print that way (don’t ask), and the date on those files is Sept 23rd, so that’s Week 38 down.

That’s all I can come up with, so that leaves out Weeks 37, 39, 40, 41, 43, 44, 46, and 49. I’ve got what, 3 more weeks to cover? …


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