Woman Uses Cell Phone in 1928 Charlie Chaplin Video?

There’s a video that’s pretty hot right now, about an Irish filmmaker who claims to have discovered a possible time traveler who is using a cell phone in a very brief scene from Charlie Chaplin’s “Circus” film from 1928.

There’s a really long introduction, so if you want to just skip ahead to the actual footage in question, push the placeholder over to 2:38 and watch for yourself.

Honestly, at about 4:10, I think you can see the woman is obviously just scratching the side of her head, just below the brim of her hat, and wondering aloud where she’s supposed to be going — which is the reason she pauses briefly and turns her head to the side.

When trying to remember something, I tap my middle and index finger to my temple sometimes, absentmindedly, and may talk to myself to try to drum up what I was trying to remember. I think the lady is doing this same thing.

What do you think?

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