NYR: Complete/Progress One Art Per Week #??-36

For better context of what these NYR posts mean, see this intro post.

Okay it is now obvious to me that I have completely forgotten about the whole NYR project of completing or progressing one artsy-thing per week. I’ve been doing things just about every week, really I have, but writing them down has apparently just been not something to even think about. I can’t even remember how many months ago it was that I last updated this. *digs in the archives*

Okay, the last entry was for Week #23, which ended on Thursday June 10.. yikes. I was about to be generous and suggest that I should count off 2/3rds of the unknown weeks between now and then as weeks I failed to complete/progress even though I’m pretty sure I did for most of them, but I say we just count unknowns as unknown (reflecting the overall total as failures but with the caveat of being unknown).. This week’s number is… *flips thru calendar*

For week 36 (ending Sept 9) I’ve been editing video for a large compilation/montage I plan sometime later of Modern Warfare 2 oddities. I’ve encountered some weird/funny/glitchy moments and plan to put them all in one giant video sometime later. To record them, I’ve got an HD camera set up on a tripod that records the full screen (including the monitor edges) of what I play during a match, and at the end I hold up a card that says Keep or Delete, so when I go back thru them I know which videos to discard. Of the ones I keep, I’ll watch the match to look for whatever was noteworthy, write down the times, then later go roughly clip those sections out, for later keener editing. I’ve got probably 15-30 of those kinds of clips so far, the weirdest of which was the propeller of a chopper getting stuck on some rocks on Afghan and spinning around into the textures, or a rocket getting somehow glitched into the hardwood floors of High Rise and spewing out its smoke and moisture into the room without exploding.

For Week 35 (ending Sept 2) edited a bunch more video along the same lines — I really did a bunch of this that it spanned several weeks, but I honestly can’t remember which weeks I did them or didn’t except for these two for sure, so I’m only counting these two even though I know it’s more than that.

For Week 34 (ending Aug 26), I started work on a project to make a rather large combination lock just because I liked the mechanical challenge of making one, after seeing a smaller wooden version of one here. I didn’t think it would be that hard, but I had trouble getting the cardboard to cooperate, so I may just scrap my original design and use a different technique later.

For Weeks 33 and 32 (ending Aug 19 and 12) I have no idea what/if I did, so I’ll just mark those as losses.

For Week 31 (ending Aug 5) I uploaded a Modern Warfare 2 video about my speed run through one of the Special Ops levels, Homeland Security, and I know this for that week only because of the date YouTube shows it was uploaded, as August 4th.

So, for Weeks 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, and 30 (ending June 17, 24; July 1, 8, 15, 22, and 29) I will write up as losses until such time that I can find evidence of the dates I did things, which would be pretty hard to manage I think. I do keep a handwritten journal of random things in life, so maybe that could offer clues..

Now to get those random images queued up again..


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