A-Pop Wrap-up: MoMusu Graduations, Kara Turning Japanese,

Morning Musume Graduations
According to Hello-Online, Kamei Eri, JunJun and LinLin are graduating soon. Honestly, Eri had grown to be one of the bottom-half girls on my ranking of MoMusu lately and my affection for her has waned significantly in the past year or so. Of the three I really liked JunJun best, but LinLin has always been last-place in any of my rankings — she just doesn’t belong there, it seems to me. The 9th-Gen auditions to be held, however, is a good opportunity to infuse the group with some new youth (and hopefully perhaps back away from these uncharacteristic adult-ish songs).. and hopefully three or more members will be added out of those auditions. The H!P flagship for me has been S/mileage, while MoMusu has taken a “shadow government” position, in that they’re technically the ruling party, but aren’t in the spotlight quite as much as their better days.

K-Pop’s Kara Releases Japanese “Mister” MV
I have mixed feelings about this now, whereas in February 2010 I might have been pretty excited about it. They’ve changed the lyrics of “Mister” (that hip-swinging tune that never had a real MV and was limited to eye-catching performances) to suit a Japanese audience, and changed the outfits slightly.

I’m not sure I like the ballcap attached to their hips, although it does give the hip movement a bit more “flip” — the hung-down suspenders was enough for me. It’s nice in that the outfits change colors in different sections of the MV (or PV I guess since it’s a Japanese release) to mix things up, but only a few times do the straps contrast with the pant color and instead moreso blend into the pants (like in the vaguely-military setting). I suppose overall I’m glad for new KARA material being put out, but just slightly bored with yet more “Mister” media when the net is already fairly saturated with perfs of it.

NyNyOnline Now On My Must-Read Blog List
There’s a nicely written, frank, and roundabout entertaining Asian-Pop blog that’s been around for about a year now, headed by a Black-British gal who posts YouTube dance covers, NyNyOnline that covers A topics in a refreshing and entertaining way — and she’s definitely on my keep-and-eye-on list. Pop on over, it’s worth a gander.

3 thoughts on “A-Pop Wrap-up: MoMusu Graduations, Kara Turning Japanese,

  1. Wow, I just heard your summary from me and I was very pleased and happy. ^_^ Thank you, just saw your post on my Incoming Links, that’s very nice of you.

    And I’m sad about Morning Musume Eri and Jun Jun really. Jun Jun is my second favourite.

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