This Hideous, Unannounced Hiatus Ends Now

This blog has slowly been turning into how my handwritten journal normally ends up starting each entry: “*sigh* It’s been a long time since I’ve written, blah blah blah” After getting tired of writing that so much, I just ended up being unapologetic about it and just started a new entry without anything about how long it had been. So like the journal, hopefully the apologies can end now ~_^

I saw the note to myself on July 31st, and still didn’t do it. Gotta figure out a different motivator =P

I normally browse the web with about 20 tabs open. I’ll open-to-new-tab a link I find on a site, and let it load while I continue reading. When I’m done with that page, I’ll check out all those links I opened. On those pages I’ll open-to-new-tab more links, and so on. Usually whenever I realize, “oops, I need to queue up more images to Ablestmage,” I’ve got a dozen tabs already open and the context of what those links mean will disappear after I’m done, plus queueing up images requires about 30 additional tabs open as I find good images to use, so I often need to start with a clean slate, and end up going to browse those other tabs away and by the time I’m done clearing them out I forget why I was clearing them out other than just being interested in the content.

Alright, enough of that.


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