Random Image: And Emotionally Expensive, At That

Try your hand at writing 300 or more words about this picture, without using any of the words in the title ^_~

One thought on “Random Image: And Emotionally Expensive, At That

  1. And Emotionally Expensive, At That

    Hmm, what I see are three cellist trying there best to do there job, but one simply can’t stay still. He spends the first minute celloing, the second minute celloing, the third minute celloing, but not the fourth. He thought it would be a better idea to try his own better idea. On the fourth minute, he stood up, then said “I need to go to the washroom”. He returned to continue to play along, then, one of his fellow cellist, also stood up suddenly. He grabbed the fretboard with his right hand, then, turned the cello upside down, then, also brought his other hand to the fretboard. He banged it once on the floor. Then, one of his fellow cellist, seated in the middle, with the Bill Clinton [100] hair, peeked his eyes to his right. He didn’t see any damages from the cello on the floor. Until, the twisted cellist banged his cello another time. This time, he proved to the world, he indeed was very twisted in nature. He thought he was going to be awarded ‘The Shit Head’ prize. He would have been very much content with it. Although, back to the action, he realized, there were only one shrapnel on the floor, even after banging it twice. So he decided to bang it again. This time, the lights went off, in addition, the spotlight was turned on. Because it (the spot light) couldn’t be narrowed further, the three cellist were lighted with the spot light. This time, he kicked the [200] stand which kept the music notation, to the floor. Some of the papers came off, then, a Red Cam was brought inside, was turned on, with 1080p60fps settings. Through the view finder, we saw the cellist bang the cello for the fifth time, where, this time, a huge chunk came off from the cello. He then was promptly taken into custody by US Government officials, who, further deported him into Guantanamo Bay. Then, one day, when Ablestmage was trying to get high with MP3s on YouTube, he left a comment stating the music is slightly freakish. A person read the comment, who found the comment itself to be freakish. He visited his YouTube channel page then, finally arriving [300] his blog. Following which, the person, made all the readers, waste ten minutes of the readers’ life which they were not going to get back.


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