My Newest Audio Addiction: Ron’s Fukkireta (Mischievous Function) Cover

This seems to be the most advanced version of an emerging meme going around. There’s a dance you may have seen before called Fukkireta (perhaps pronounced foo-kih-lay-tah, where the L in lay is the blend of R and L used in Japanese) whereby an anime character merely rocks his/her hips side to side to a beat, in a loop.

I’m totally hooked on this video and have watched it perhaps 12 times today (yesterday technically) alone =P It’s about a 1½ minute song edited into a 9x loop (minus the end/beginning to keep it churning), so wasn’t a matter of recording the whole song in one sitting, for the artist =P

There’s an interesting bit of history about it at KnowYourMeme, which suggests there are already around 2000 variations — of an animation that either has the specific hip-rocking motion or plays, reverses, and loops back some kind of character in a movement that loosely resembles the Fukkireta pattern, set to the same music but typically the instrumental version.

There are several YouTube fan-made covers of this song, many of them fairly impressive performances. Below are a few of my favorites so far:
Kasane Teto – Fukkireta ~Fancover~
Fukkireta (Mischievous Function) Ver. Koko

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