NYR: Complete/Progress One Art Per Week 19, 20, 21, 22, 23

For better context of what these NYR posts mean, see this intro post.

WOW. I know the last NYR post was about 4 weeks’ worth, but FIVE now? Seriously. May was just a complete blur, I guess!

For Week 19 (ending May 13), and Week 20 (ending May 20), I honestly can’t recall and may just have to leave these two as outright failures to have progressed or completed anything artsy. However, this is me trying to remember something that happened 4 and 5 weeks ago, since I’m writing this on June 15th from memory =P

For Week 21 (ending May 27), I drew up a relatively detailed ink-pen-on-paper illustration of my work area, in a 3D layout of what compartments are associated with what function, to more easily facilitate training of a new person for my area. I’m pretty much a box-sorter for my part time job, and sort boxes by retail aisle in the middle of an array of metal compartmentalized carts, so they can be later stocked, one cart per aisle. I’ve got the carts in a certain pattern, and this was just a map of the configuration, so that someone having to take my place (eventually) will know what goes where. I also devised a side-view / cutaway of an aisle that visually instructs how to read a box label and who to determine where on the aisle it goes. I enjoyed making the diagrams quite a bit, and may scan them and post later.

For Week 22 (ending June 3), I got the idea of quasi-plagiarizing (a legal gray area, perhaps) of taking the style of each sentence of a popular literary work, in the order they appear in that work, and making a similar line of text that matches the style, but applies to the context of a new work. I’ve got an old short story I wrote back in my late teens called “Transport” that I’ve been meaning to re-write for over a decade — and over the years, I’ve speculated on ways to do so. I already know the direction it needs to go, but I’ve got so many other things in the way it seems it will never get done. One new direction, stylistically, would be to analyze the sentences of a popular novel, say, Twilight (which I am currently reading), and make notes of each sentence’s general style — such as (hypothetically):

1. Observation of surroundings
2. Observation of surroundings
3. Conversation with a male
4. Questioning of own feelings
5. Questioning of own feelings
6. Conversation with a male

and mimic that pattern of sentences, sentence-for-sentence throughout the entire work, with content that applies specifically to the story of Transport. I’m sure, given how much research that will require, that me actually rewriting Transport is now even way less likely, but it was fun to brainstorm about.

For Week 23 (ending June 10), I began work on a YouTube video project, Jacoby Learns Halo 3 Matchmaking, and thus recorded, edited together, and divvied up into five 10-minute segments a bit of film I captured while playing Halo 3. I was actually trying to find examples of little British kids swearing at each other (which I’d known for some time about, and found it funny) and hoped to catch some of it in action — but stumbled across this gent who I couldn’t really tell if he was authentic or voice acting, along with his “mommy” who had a male voice. I guess you can just see for yourself =D

It’s not completely finished, as I’ve still got to add subtitles to the remaining 3 parts.. Here’s parts Two, Three, Four and Five, if you dare =P


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