List of YouTube video URLs with words in them?

After a quick check, I couldn’t find any blog or otherwise listing of YouTube video URLS (addresses) that contained words in the scrambled character identifier, so thought I’d start it off with one I’ve found.

I like coming upon captchas that spell out something inadvertently, and since YouTube video addresses are a muddled, automated process in creation, you don’t get to pick whether they have one series of jumbled characters or another, so finding one with actual words in them is a little of an “infinite monkeys on infinite typewriters” kind of thing.

If you find any (or a site that lists them), please post them in the comments below. The one I’ve found so far is: .. The video itself is about a nonsense topic about someone else on Facebook, with little pertinent substance to anybody but her immediate friends and seems otherwise unremarkable.


20 thoughts on “List of YouTube video URLs with words in them?

  1. /watch?v=LoLoL-U5F2M /watch?v=paxobd-fuck /watch?v=1GUDHo-hack /watch?v=Porn-QKrRLg /watch?v=spain-hQYTw /watch?v=Golf-O0EBU4
    I could list 100s of them, I found out a way to find them in like, a second 😀

    • Aww, I was going just from serendipity.. I tried guessing your strategy and came up with watch?v=rAnK-uXl9Fk, watch?v=GOof-H_OXPM, watch?v=oBFB26-lAck, and watch?v=sLAb-B_AnIs.. are you manually searching with INURL? =)

      • All you have to do is google “inurl:word” (minus quotes).
        For instance, if you wanted to find a video URL that included “tab”, you would search


        Which returns results:
        ..among others.

        However, I would encourage anyone wishing to submit any, to please only do so by happenstance of randomly encountering one, without intending to find one.

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