NYR: Complete/Progress One Art Per Week #15 16 17 & 18

For better context of what these NYR posts mean, see this intro post.

I can’t believe it’s been a MONTH since I updated the one-art-per-week status!

I know on Week 15 (ending April 15), I progressed my 10-panel design idea further by penciling in more designs and beginning the initial stages of Sharpie-ing in the final design over the top of the sketches.

For Week 16 (ending April 22), I made several more ninja stars for the giant 10-foot-by-4-foot eye-mural thing, and brainstormed about a possible sculpture-type piece as a copy of a Facebook friend of mine’s that looks really fun to try (that, called “The Bitter Pill” and made from the smallish plastic bottles of soda you’d buy in a convenience store, in the shape of a medication capsule).

For Week 17 (ending April 29), I began the sketching and initial experimentation with final inking of the third design of the 10-panel wall piece.

For Week 18 (ending May 6), I covered most of the 3rd panel in its design, and came up with the design for the fourth panel — that optical illusion with bars, that only has two right-angle corners as seen in perspective on one end, but with three round bar ends extending out like a fork on the opposite. I enjoy doodling that particular illusion and variations thereof, and plan to make a series of them — even a giant one with more than 20 right-angle corners and the respective amount of rounded bars fork bits.

Hopefully I can post a bit sooner next time! =P


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