Did the Google Maps Vehicle Hit A Deer?

I came across this image (one, combined of 3 images) of a few Google Maps screen shots of what appears to be deer getting hit by the vehicle that takes pictures of the street-level view you may optionally choose when looking up an address.

The image is at least a year old, going by the date on this other blog post about it (which contains one additional image). I naturally tried visiting the location myself on Google Maps by typing in the address shown, 840 Five Points Rd, Rush NY but it appears that particular section of road has been removed from the street-view function. If you look in the distance from this view you can see the interruption of the 3-plank fence, but you can’t travel any further down the road in that direction.

This blog post has a video embedded about another gent’s similar exploration in to the image.

Is it any wonder, the road is called “Five Points” road? =P


5 thoughts on “Did the Google Maps Vehicle Hit A Deer?

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      • Aiigs never said it had to do with SOPA he simply added that Google, on top of hiding the evidence of this blatant display of animal abuse, also disagrees with SOPA. Google has, since the release of the images, censored their street view… and they disagree with SOPA?!

  2. blatant display of animal abuse? so what is your suggestion? Swerve out of the way and potentially kill yourself by smashing into a tree to avoid some retarted deer that walked into the road in broad daylight? Road kill is not animal abuse…infact it is illegal to swerve to avoid animals in most first world countries.

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