AKB48: Oku Manami Surges into #4 Cluster!

File this under the “Yes This Is News” department.

Whilst muttering absent-mindedly in #stage48 (irc.irchighway.net) an image was posted that became the first-ever time Oku Manami (“Maa”, a channel favorite) caught my attention as a contender for the oshimen status. This is the larger image it came from, but below is the portion in question:

And irritated from having to explain my ranking system for the 9th time, I decided to make a crude version of my ranking system so I could refer to it simply and easily:

Formerly, Maa had been in the #6 cluster of “all others” despite having known about her for quite some time and been largely unaffected by her attempts to capture my affections. However, this one picture immediately places her in the #3 bunch.

The bigger question: Is it possible for me to catch a glimpse of a Sae or Minegishi pic that will shake up my spectrum? I say not likely, but we’ll just see..

3 thoughts on “AKB48: Oku Manami Surges into #4 Cluster!

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  2. OMG I haven’t listened to AKB48 in FOREVER!!! Nowadays I just visit Tokyofever for the latest news..

    Maybe I should search to see if they have any news on them!!!!! BUT, Maeda is still my fav!!! 😛

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