Video: Arclid Truck Driver Doesn’t See Tiny Car

This appears to be a fairly recent post, as the video’s page is dated March 15th (while the Liveleak version was posted on March 16th) and appears to be the original (since the uploader also posted it sideways by mistake perhaps). It seems like the diesel truck simply hadn’t noticed how a small car, a Clio according to this forum, managed to get pinned in front the blind spot of the truck and just keeps going.

Some suggest that’s it’s a viral vid, perhaps for the “ARCLID” hauling company in the UK, but I can’t imagine how this could be good press. There seems to be a driver in the car since the brake lights go off as the car passes them. There do appear to be sparks coming from underneath the Clio as it passes by, so the odd situation might have been fairly recent by the time the filmer caught sight of it.

(click image for full size)

Arclid Transport UK Website

The only other explanation other than a viral video might be that the driver was too sleepy to register what was going on. What we don’t know is how soon the truck stopped after the video was taken, and why more footage wasn’t taken. Some commenters from a thread suggest it might be a case of road rage.

If it were real, and had it been me driving the filming car, I would have sped up to get in front of the truck and slowed down so the driver would be forced to slow down, and lane changed when he tried to also.

I sent a message to all three email addresses listed on Arclid Transport’s website, and one to their sales inquiry feed. I didn’t see anything about it on several of the major UK news sites, so I sent in news tips to their respective email hotlines. I just tried to submit it to Digg, but apparently it’s already been submitted as is up to 35 Diggs now.

I guess we’ll see shortly what’s become of it.

March 20th Update Apparently the original uploader removed it for some reason, but someone else has put it up again —

Another account, presumably from British tabloid The Sun, reposted the video and offered this description, “A trucker thunders along a motorway at 60mph unaware a car is trapped sideways on his front bumper. The scene was caught on a mobile by people in another car. … The lorry driver did stop and the motorist emerged unhurt.”

There’s another write-up that the incident occurred on January 13th and that the matter had been closed until the new video evidence appeared and the case has been re-opened.

One of the places I submitted was to Sky News, who adds that the driver was a woman, who was unharmed, and that Arclid has reported the video is not a hoax. Officials are still investigating.

2 thoughts on “Video: Arclid Truck Driver Doesn’t See Tiny Car

  1. ” ablestmage, ” I originally saw this feed on MSN news.

    When I Googled, “Arclid,” I came upon your post.

    I was going to do what you have done, and write to Arclid Transport, UK.

    Please let me know what they have to say, if they say a thing at all.

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