A-Pop Wrap-Up: MoMusu’s New PV, Kara Preview, Stage48 IRC

Asian pop has been dear to me since about 2006 when my first glimpse was C-ute’s Ookina Ai De Motenashite and I’ve been forever hooked. Here’s a wrap-up of a few related subjects that have caught my interest ~_^

Morning Musume PV Reviewed
The latest MoMusu PV for Onna ga Madatte Naze Ikenai really didn’t catch my attention via the standard Dohhhup feed of the regular version, but after watching DVD-rips of the Limited Editions (Dance, Close-up and Make-up versions), I must say my interest has genuinely been piqued. My favorite by far has come to be the Make-up version (embedded below), where we’re given many in-their-faces close-ups at much tighter angles than the regular closeup version. Even after several, several listenings and viewings, the song hasn’t really caught on with me and the dresses seem to be in some vague way cumbersome or unnatural to them, but the closeups and little grins and smirks really caved me in to giving my approval. I could just melt into a kawaii-induced puddle from Takahashi’s subtle grins, Reina’s doe eyes, or JunJun’s intense gaze.

Michishige seems to get her trademark solo sigh-moment again (as she had in the awkward Pepper Keibu PV), LinLin gets dolled up but still seems like she’s in her 40s to me (and therefore out of place), and Eri looks rather sleepy. There’s delightfully reduced emphasis on the overt sensuality we saw in the previous PV I’d opted to call Butt-Shot Princess, and this one seems a great deal more wholesome.

Preview/Teaser for the Upcoming Kara release
A teaser has been released regarding Kara’s new upcoming single Lupin and it packs a pretty good punch. A bunch of commenters on the video embedded below seem to think that Gyuri’s hair has been cut short quite a bit, which I might be OK with, as long as Goo Hara doesn’t clip hers =P The video is entirely silhouette style and doesn’t show any of them in keep detail than their figure from backlighting, which in itself is its own teaser I think. The suspense that I had about the upcoming release has just doubled if not more. I daresay I am giddy with anticipation ^_~

Stage48.net’s IRC Channel
I was using SearchIRC to look up asian pop-related channels and tried a few that had, at best, 3 idle people in it. Finally I stumbled across #stage48 on irc.irchighway.net and I think I’ve found a new home channel to throw my two cents in. I’ve been there about a week and already feel like a regular. Although the subject matter is largely centered on AKB48, there’s enough of us in there who know about Hello!Project, and even some with some goa/psytrance favorites. There’s a script that pops up the instant AKB member blogs are updated and the opportunity to revel in each others’ jpop news items is rarely passed up. My nick is naturally ablestmage so if you’re of the inclination, swing by and give a shout-out ^_~.. I’d been a member of Stage48’s forum for a few months, but didn’t even realize they were on IRC. Good times.

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