Random Image: Man Blowing A Bubble

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One thought on “Random Image: Man Blowing A Bubble

  1. This sequence is cute,

    but disconcerting.

    I cock my head left to view the faces right side up. Ear on shoulder, I step into Bubble-Man’s world. As my eyes adjust to their new orientation, the truth opens up to me. I learn the Bubbler’s plain truth. He presents a simple appearance what with His open vowels & perky punctuation present a simple appearance, so as not to invite any interest or consideration.

    I am a student of the great Holmes & an adherent to many of his universal truths. In my encounter with the Bubble Boy, I remind myself that, “The best place to hide something is in plain sight;” which is precisely where I discovered Bubble Boy’s secret.

    To be precise, I don’t actually know the whole of his secret; but from amongst the infinite number of possibilities, I have narrowed it down to 2.

    1/ Bubble-Man is not from our country.
    & / or
    2/ Bubble-Man is not from our planet.

    Viewed in landscape orientation, the faces behave like 4 sequential panels in a cartoon. Unlike any other horizontally-read English language cartoon, however, GasMaster’s cartoon reads from right to left. So what does this mean?

    1/ The English language reads from left to right. Therefore, it’s likely Bazooka Joe comes from a country whose native language is written from right to left.

    2/ The world of Bizarro (one of Superman’s crime beats) is exactly like earth, except that absolutely everything on the planet htrae is absolutely opposite to its counterpart on earth. So the Carbonator’s being a native Bizzarron would be another way to explain the odd layout.

    There may be other completely logical explanations for the whacko layout used here, perhaps even more likelu, But They are, to date unknown to me.

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