Detailed Guide to the Infinite Presents Trick for Farmville

With the help of another Farmville neighbor, the two of you can unwrap an unlimited number of presents (that is, as many presents as you care to unwrap within the amount of time allowed to unwrap them, which is until January 7th, 2010). All you need to have to begin is your Holiday Tree loaded with at least 20 presents, a neighbor with at least 20 presents (and who will cooperate with you), and at least one present in your Farmville gift box. The trick involves the fact that Farmville will pop up a message that you can post to your wall, notifying your friends that you’ve gotten your tree filled with at presents totaling 20, 40, 60, 80 or 100. If you’ve got any of these numbers, you can open as many as you like but for this trick to work you need at least 20 minimum.

Step 1

Make sure your tree has at least 20 presents by moving the mouse cursor over it to check the total.

Step 2

Click on it and select Look Inside.

Step 3

Click OPEN on one of your presents.

Step 4

Wait for the present to open, then click Okay when appropriate. It can be any present, not just the one shown in the picture.

Step 5

Hit the red [X] on the upper right corner of the Holiday Tree window, without opening any more presents yet.

Step 6

Go immediately to your gift box.

Step 7

Click Use on a present (doesn’t matter which kind) to put it in your tree.

Step 8

The present will be added to your Holiday Tree, making a total divisible by 20. At this point, just WAIT for a Farmville message window to appear. It may take a few seconds longer than usual.

Step 9

A message will appear saying you’ve found a bunch of presents, so click SHARE.

Step 10

Publish the story to your Facebook wall. You don’t have to type anything in the text area, just click Publish.

Step 11

Have your neighbor check your Facebook profile’s wall, and find the post you just made, have them click the Get a special Present! link and a new present will appear in their gift box in Farmville.

Once the neighbor now performs Steps 1-11 as shown here on their own, that person’s profile will show a link for you to click and get another special present for yourself. After to click on it, just go back into Farmville and repeat Steps 1-11 again, and continue alternating as much as you like.

Never get below 19 presents unless you’re done cooperating with your neighbor. If you open too many by accident, just go through your Facebook news feed and click special present links from other neighbors if they have any until you get back up to 20. You may need to sell or place a few items out of your Gift Box to make room for more presents. Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Detailed Guide to the Infinite Presents Trick for Farmville

  1. Great post. I’m totally hooked on this game at the moment its crazy! I wonder how much longer the craze will continue for? Or perhaps what will be next?

  2. I’ll let these lame comments be posted, although they’re technically spam, since the names keep linking (which I will remove) to Farmville guides to buy. No one should buy a Farmville guide.

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